Venkatesh Roped To Play A Guest Role In Pawan’s Agnathavasi

Venkatesh Role In Agnathavasi: “Agnathavasi”, the name itself enthuse a lot of people at the global level these days. The crew that made the film is unveiling many surprises. It is really teasing people with many teasers one after another. After the audio function was over the never expected news – “PSPK sang a song in ‘Agnathavasi’ Kodaka Koteswara Rava…‘’ has become a feast for Pawan Kalyan’s fans and others as well. What is the fulcrum of the story and what that movie is all about has become a million Dollar question in the public? Surprise after the surprise is being unveiled by this movie makers at an opportune moment – furthering the zeal in public.

Venkatesh Role In Agnathavasi:

Venkatesh Roped To Play A Guest Role In Pawan’s Agnathavasi

PSPK Fans! Just cross your fingers and keep waiting until the movie is released. Now another astonishing news has been unveiled. It is thrilling to know that another Pop-Star Venky (Daggupati Venkatesh) seems to have played a 4-minute role in “Agnathavasi.” We may not call it a multi-starrer movie but certainly, Venky is believed to have played a small role in this movie. And this news says that Venky’s role is going to be highlighted.

The legend, Late Dr.Daggupati Ramanayudu, in yesteryears was a pioneer in Telugu film industry who was acknowledged to have guts to introduce many Multi-Starrer movies. Needless to say, he produced many multi starrer movies with NTR & ANR, NTR & Rajanikanth, ANR & Krishna and the list goes on. Venky appears to have inherited those genes from his father and walking in his footsteps.

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Venky being very modest in his attitude stands alone amongst the other top movie actors. He doesn’t mind making his appearance on the screen even for a short while in any movie. We had seen him playing his part in the movie ‘Gopala-Gopala’ along with Pawan Kalyan and another was ‘Seethamma VaKitlo Siri Malle Chettu’ joined with Mahesh Babu, setting aside his stardom. That proves his simplicity.

Now the talk of the town is Venky will appear in ‘Agnathavasi’ for 4-minutes; a tiny role but his presence is expected to add another jewel in the crown of this movie.

At one point in time, the news leaked out that; Venky plays his role as PSPK’s maternal uncle. But the latest news rules out that version and confirms that Venky is believed to have played his role in an action scene i.e., a fight scene. Many movie-goers are expecting- just that “Singular” scene where PSPK and Venky together appear on the screen will elevate the movie. It is hard to guess if the fight scene is going to be a very serious one or funny in nature. Whatever it may be the versatile Venky is ready to play any role, unlike other movie celebrities. Hats off to Venky if the news is real!

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