UC Browser 12.0 Launched With Best-Ever Features

UC Browser 12.0 Launched With Best-Ever Features

The ever-green Indian market is looking for new options in technology.  ‘UC Browser 12.0 for Android launched officially, today, clocks 130 million monthly active users in India’. The UC Web, at an event, has launched its UC Browser that has 130 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) in India with a market share of 43% – state-counter. This leading is the ‘Sixth – most’ leading App in India.

UC Browser 12.0 Launched With Best-Ever Features

This App, the new update, helps save 50% internet data while watching videos. Moreover, unlike any other Apps, UC Browser 12.0 for Android is compatible to play, without buffering – can help you watch videos while it is being downloaded.

The most significant facility, as per the opinion of people – using this browser say, “it has an automatic switch definition and a video preview feature as well.”

This browser has become instantaneously popular as it comes with the following features where other users are missing. As per the spokes persons of public relations say – “a promise better viewing experience for lower-end phones and optimizes video loading and downloading of top sites and pre-loading of video information flow. It also includes Smart Weather and Smart Zodiac Signs. Check out the complete change-log below.”

Shallia Li, Head of UC Browser (International Business Department) at Alibaba Mobile Business Group said: “UCWeb has always been dedicated to making content easily accessible for users, even when they are in limited bandwidth area. With evolving user demands, we are also upgrading our technology. Our data compression technology now provides a ‘No buffering’ video watching experience. Our vision of “Content for everyone, Every Content for One” is making content accessible for users regardless of network infrastructure and mobile hardware type while also personalizing and customizing the content as per user’s preference.”

uc-browser 12.0 features

UC Browser 12.0: New Features

Save 50% data – Latest video coding format, VP9 Codec helps to save up to 50 % data as compared to the last version, while returning the same video quality

The flexibility of switching definition – Supports new Media Source Extensions, introduced by World Wide Web to facilitate video streaming on websites. It will help optimize pre-loading of video on website and switch the definition automatically under different network situations

Watch videos while downloading and Video previews – Offers “no buffering” video experience. You can also click “Play” and watch video simultaneously while it is downloading, and also get a preview on a thumbnail by clicking the video and decide whether to continue watching before downloading the whole clip

Smoother browsing experience – Upgraded core U4 Kernel allows for faster page loads without draining the RAM of the device, offering fast and smooth browsing experience, even for users with budget phones that have RAM as low as 1-2 GB

Smart weather and Smart Zodiac – New customized functions will remind users about the weather forecast and horoscope prediction of the day

Supports Multi-tasking – User can now continue to watch a video and browse simultaneously – the video plays in a small window

Tackles CPU Exploits – Addresses concerns regarding the recently-disclosed CPU exploits. Contains mitigations against Specter, recently-discovered vulnerability that is affecting a number of processors around the world.


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