Trump Turns down India’s Republic Day Invitation

US president Donald Trump has turned down India’s invitation to be the chief guest at the 70th Republic Day festivities in January, news reports said Sunday. Authoritatively, however, neither the Indian foreign service nor the US embassy in Delhi has said anything on the issue. Whenever asked, the US embassy in Delhi said just the White House could remark on the president’s travel plans.

Trump Turns down India’s Republic Day Invitation

Trump Turns down India’s Republic Day Invitation

Speculation has been overflowing in India since July that Trump could acknowledge India’s invitation to be the chief guest at the occasion in January. In August, White House house secretary Sarah Sanders had affirmed Trump got an invitation to visit India.

“I know that the invitation has been extended, but I do not believe that a final decision has been made,” media reports in India cited Sanders as revealing to US-based correspondents.

However, with a crowded domestic calender — mid-term elections in November and the State of the Union location between 21 and 29 January other than some universal responsibilities — Trump’s visit to India in January was viewed as hard to bind, as indicated by authorities.

A report had detailed recently that given Trump’s local pre-occupations, he was probably not going to make it for the Republic Day march in January.  In the event that Trump had made it, he would have been just the second US president to be welcomed by New Delhi to be the main visitor for the occasion since India turned into an autonomous nation in 1947. It would have tried to underline how far India-US relations have advanced from the times of extraordinary asperity during the 1970s – when India was viewed as near the Soviet Union and the US closer to India’s chief opponent Pakistan – to vital accomplices in the 21st century.

Guests for Republic Day have browsed nations that are strategically important to India, as indicated by experts. Before, the guests have included heads of state or government from India’s immediate neighborhood, permanent members from the UN Security Council like France and leaders from the creating scene like Indonesia and Brazil. Former US president Barack Obama came to India twice – his second visit was for Republic Day festivities in 2015.

Trump declining India’s invitation to be the chief guest at the Republic Day festivities comes when India and the US are occupied with various delicate negotiations – from waivers on approvals that can be forced on India for buying oil from Iran and the S-400 air defense system from Russia to an extraordinary trade package.


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