Trump Praised PM Modi’s Efforts & India’s Growth At APEC Summit

At Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit here in the Vietnamese port city, American President Donald Trump mentioned India’s growth as “Astounding” and he also appreciated the efforts PM Narendra Modi is showing to develop the growth of the country. Trump is making his bonds strong with Indo-Pacific relationships.

“Since India opened its economy, it has achieved astounding growth and a new world of opportunities for its expanding middle class,” Trump said.

“And Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi has been working to bring that vast country and all of its people as one. And he has been working at it very, very successfully indeed,” the US President said.

Trump Praised PM Modi’s Efforts & India’s Growth At APEC Summit

Trump Praised PM Modi’s Efforts & India’s Growth At APEC Summit

Also, a senior official of America who is involved in security terms of the country accompanying Trump in China to Vietnam has as well prised India’s economy and its fastest growth.

“Prime Minister Modi has been doing a lot in the way of pressing reforms to allow India to pull even more people out of poverty,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

“India and the United States are the worlds first and second largest democracies, and both of us have an abiding interest in the maritime commons remaining open and trade continuing to flow freely,” the official said.

“So it is no accident that we are viewing the region with a wider aperture to include India as one of the “bookends”, as Secretary (of State, Rex) Tillerson calls it, of the region — the United States being the other bookend,” the official said, defending the use of term Indo-Pacific instead of Asia-Pacific for the region.

The Indo-Pacific is a term that, it could be said, enlarges the opening for the region, the authority said. It discusses a region that envelops everything from India toward the West Coast of the US; the greater part of the Asian nations in Northeast Asia; the Pacific Islands, and New Zealand in the south; down in Oceania with Australia; the United States toward the east; India toward the west; and, obviously, Southeast Asia as the intersection to the majority of that, the authority said. With a lively range, a young demographically, one ought to be desirous of the socioeconomics, said the authority.

Prime Minister Modi is leaving for the Philippines on Sunday to go to the India-ASEAN and East Asia summits. Trump is also planned to go to the East Asia Summit, where he is required to meet Modi.

Meanwhile, in a veiled attack on China, Trump said the US would “no longer tolerate the audacious theft of intellectual property.”

“We will confront the destructive practices of forcing businesses to surrender their technology to the state, and forcing them into joint ventures in exchange for market access,” the US president said.


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