Trump Jumps on China – Plans “Huge-Fine” on Intellectual Property Rights

The US and China have been maintaining their ‘Amicability’ since ages. One can find many Chinese in America. Until a decade ago, while Indians struggled to go to the US in the in the process of getting visas; Chinese almost got an easy access to go to America. It is not surprising to see ten times more ‘China Bazars’ in the US than what we see here in India. Interestingly, the US president Donald Trump jumped on China this time.

Trump Jumps on China - Plans “Huge-Fine” on Intellectual Property Rights

Trump Jumps on China – Plans “Huge-Fine” on Intellectual Property Rights

Donald Trump and his economic adviser Gary Cohn, in an interview with Reuters just a few hours ago, said that the US is considering to levy a big “Fine” on the legal grounds of ‘Intellectual Property Rights.’ Trump and Gary opined that the trade between the US and China is not sustainable. The president tabled his frustration that the US trade deficit is reaching its peak as China is dumping its products in the US and ‘stealing’ the ideas of America thus leading to detrimental effects over manufacturing industry in the US.

Contrary to Trump’s phone conversation to Chinese President Xi Jinping last week, on the issue of ‘”North Korea’s destructive behaviour”, the white house emphasized its stance of exerting “maximum pressure” to compel North Korea to abandon its nuclear programme. Just before the Chinese President XI preparing himself to announce his dictum to people of China – “All is well with US”, President Trump’s statement on China’s trade with US, turned out to be a big blow on the face of Chinese manufacturing industry. The crux of the press conference of Trump with Reuters said, “China had forced U.S. companies to transfer their intellectual property to China as a cost of doing business there.”

Having been bitten badly by Donald Trump the Chinese president Xi urged Washington via State-run China Central Television said: “the two sides must work together to find solutions to trade and economic disputes.”

Donald Trump during his election campaign in 2016, severely criticized China and in a short stint Trump, after assuming his office repeatedly praised the Chinese President Xi. But now, the relations revealed the signs of strains between the pair. Economists and Financial analysts feel that ‘North Korea’ seems to be the fulcrum of the problem. China resists harsher sanctions on North Korea and Trump’s calls for trade concessions.

Besides, both countries stance on North Korea, the US severely threw its allegations on China stating that China has ‘stolen’ the ‘software’ made in the US and the ‘ideas’ conceived by the brains belonging to the US. China though condemned the accusations made by the US, frightfully awaiting Trump’s assessment on this trade issue.

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