Suicide Attack in Quetta Church, Pakistan: 9 Killed, 44 Injured

Suicide attack in Quetta Church was attempted by a suicide bomber on Sunday. Before the Christmas season, the incident happened in the southwestern city of Quetta at Bethel Memorial Methodist Church terrifies the people. In the self-suicide bomber attack, 9 people killed and 44 injured. Injured people moved to hospitals for emergency rescue.  Police further investigating the crime.

Suicide Attack in Quetta Church

Suicide Attack in Quetta Church, Pakistan: 9 Killed, 44 Injured

Bethel Memorial Methodist Church on Quetta’s Zarghoon Road, the suicide bomber blew himself in the mass. At the time of the incident, 400 Christians were on the mid-day service. In this attack two suicide attackers took part. One attacker blew himself at the church gate while the second attacker did the firing and he also lost his life in the bomb blast.

Moazzam Ansari, the police chief of the restive Balochistan province, told reporters, “There were 400 worshippers inside the church when it came under attack. Many precious lives were saved due to the quick response of police present in the area. Had the attackers not been stopped, there could have been hundreds of people killed casualties.”

Balochistan home minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti confirmed two suicide bombers were involved in the attack. “The terrorists had weapons and it seems they wanted to take hostages inside the church. The presence of police and paramilitary force stopped them from completing their mission,” Bugti said.

Suicide Bomb Attack Wa Made During Sunday School Christmas Programme

Bethel Memorial Methodist Church grandly celebrates the Christmas season with various events. While on Sunday the Church was organizing ‘Sunday School Christmas Programme’ at the time of the attack.

“Injuries to worshippers were caused mainly by wooden splinters from the door and glass splinters of the church’s windows”, police said.

A civil defence official said that “the two attackers, believed to have been between 16 and 20 years of age, had strapped 15 kilogrammes of explosives to their bodies.”

The Bethel Memorial Church has been the objective of a terrorist attack in the past in spite of falling in Quetta’s high-security zone. Balochistan, Pakistan’s mineral-rich and biggest region by zone, has been at the focal point of late occurrences of brutality. Separatist groups, demanding authority and a more prominent offer in assets of the region, much of the time target security powers and government installations while Taliban and other Islamist attackers also work in the territory and frequently target people from the Hazara Shia people group in the area.

Pakistan’s Christian minority has been subjected to visit fear assaults before. In March 2015, 15 people were killed and more than 70 harmed after Taliban suicide planes attacked two places of worship in Lahore’s Youhanabad local. In September 2013, more than 100 people were killed after twin blasts at a congregation in the north-western city of Peshawar.

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