State honors At Sridevi’s funeral – Fans, Celebrities Mourn Her

It, indeed, is a graceful gesture of government of Maharashtra to honor the sad demise of legendary actress ‘Sridevi’. It is not appropriate for some people taking to social media to blame the Maharashtra government to accord Sridevi with full state honors at her funeral rights. Some narrow-minded people must unleash their horizons and start thinking big.

State honors At Sridevi's funeral - Fans, Celebrities Mourn Her

State honors At Sridevi’s funeral – Fans, Celebrities Mourn Her

Artists are gifted people. A person to be an artist is not an easy task. They sacrifice a lot in their lives in providing enjoyment in many ways; may it be churning one’s mindset towards positive thinking, showing the nature that one can never imagine.

Cynics before trying to prove their ‘Wrong’ thinking ‘Right’ should not look at how the government is honoring an artist today, but they should broaden mindset where the artist had started one’s life, the suffering an artist has to digest and the noble death they die capturing the hearts of millions of people.


It is absolutely inappropriate thinking to blame an artist irrespective of one’s cast, creed, religion, and nation. Everybody must learn to revere an artist of any form and teach their progeny to do the same. One must salute the commitment of an artist. Actress Sridevi was a ‘Padma Shri’ awardee.

Cynics who question honoring an artist draping the demised artist with the ‘Tri-color’ flag must question the very element of questioning the honors such as Padma Awards etc.

Sridevi’s Funeral – Final Respect By Maharashtra State

Body clad in red saree

#FarewellSridevi: Body clad in red saree#ITVideoMore videos:

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