Sridevi & Shashi Kapoor’s Names on ‘The Oscar’ Stage

Sridevi & Shashi Kapoor’s – Names on ‘The Oscar’ Stage: The World ‘Film – Industry’ is massive. Billions of people are directly or indirectly. get associated with it. Some get their accolades at local, regional, or national levels while they were alive and others posthumously.  Though, bestowed with one’s inbuilt talent, not every talented actor or actress can get the reputation they really deserve. It is unfortunate. It is difficult to justify the reason behind this element. It is unbelievable even to imagine, we Indians received the ‘Pride’ – amidst the world star-studded and the world eminent ‘Artists’ on the ‘SERENE STAGE’ of ‘Oscar Award’ ground of unbeatable repute.

Sridevi & Shashi Kapoor’s Names on ‘The Oscar’ Stage

Sridevi & Shashi Kapoor’s Names on ‘The Oscar’ Stage

The most reputed ‘Oscar’ film fraternity pronounced its memoirs on recently demised Indian actress ‘Sridevi’ and read out the script of the services she provided to the film industry for such a long span of many decades. We Indians can never guess that a ‘Bollywood’ actor bagged such a high glory at the global level.

The Oscar Tribute To Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor

The entire ‘Oscar Auditorium’ gave a standing ovation and audience put their hands together and kept on applauding for too long for the organizers to bring the crowd into control.  And another ‘Bollywood’ actor of yesteryears ‘Shashi Kapoor’ received the same glory of applauds on the ‘Oscar Stage’. The ‘Master – Piece’ clippings of both actors from their most popular movies, ‘The Oscar’ –  played filled the ‘Oscar – Auditorium’ resonating uncontrollably for long –time. Later the audiences played their tributes to the legendary actors of Indian origin.

On the recently held ‘Oscar Film stage’ – a special event ‘The Oscar’ under its special part called – ‘MEMORIAN’ segment-  on behalf of India – the legendary actors – ‘Sridevi’ and ‘Shashi Kapoor’ received the highest reputation in the history of ‘The Oscar’ since its inception. ‘Sridevi’ and ‘Shashi Kapoor’ made all – us Indians as a part of their reputation in the globally reputed grandiose occasion.

Legends indeed!

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