Slurred speeches of President Trump – Is There Any Reason for ‘Slur’?

Slurred speeches of many American Presidents have not been uncommon. The word ‘slur’ means to speak in a way that is difficult to understand. Many native speakers of English would have this problem but they get ignored. However, if the president of America slurs, it becomes a global discussion. The never forgotten slur that stays in the history was the president of yesteryears’ – ‘Jr. George Bush.’

During his speech on an important occasion, he slurred, “I always hissed my mystery classes during my college days.” Where he meant to say “I always missed my History lectures during my college days.”


Slurred speeches of President Trump – Is There Any Reason for ‘Slur’?

Now, the president Donald Trump seems to have this slurring problem. American English stresses on the last letters of their sentences at the end. President Trump seems to have a terrible problem with this slurring.

Donald Trump provoked a media storm after his speech on Jerusalem during his visit in which he seemed to be breathing heavily and slurring some of his words toward the end.

While closing his speech on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the president started breathing heavily, and when he concluded with “God bless the United States,” the word “States” sounded like “Shtates.”

US President Donald Trump will have his medical tests in 2018 after which doctors would release his health records, the White House said while dismissing as “ridiculous” the questions about his slurred speech.

Towards the end of his speech, Trump was seen slurring and mispronouncing words like “God bless America”, stimulating gossip about his health.

“He has a complete medical checkup scheduled for the first part of next year, the full physical that most Presidents go through.”

It is the first time that the White House has committed to releasing health records of Trump, something his predecessors did routinely.

During the US presidential campaign, Donald Trump blamed Hillary Clinton that she doesn’t have the “fortitude, strength or stamina” to lead the country. Now the time has come for Trump to prove his stamina.

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Slurred Speech of Donald Trump During Jerusalem Speech

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