Shortage of 52,000 Armed Forces in India: Indian Government says

Shortage of 52,000 Armed Forces in India: In an astonishing announcement, Minister of State for Defense Subhash Bhamre in the Lok Sabha – declared ‘the Indian Army’ has a deficiency of 21,383 personnel, while the number of vacant posts in the Navy is 16,348 and 15,010 in the Air Force. This deficiency is too dangerous and threatening to the country.

Shortage of 52,000 Armed Forces in India: Indian Government says

Shortage of 52,000 Armed Forces in India: Indian Government says

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said all relevant procedures were followed to ensure transparency in the acquisition of the 36 jets. In every Budget season, the government zips the mouths of people saying that ‘Safe & Security’ measures are important for the citizens of India. Can we deny that? And every year huge exchequers’ money goes into defense budget at the cost of ‘Two-Meal’ a day for the underprivileged people. We are proud of the success of ‘ISRO’ success after success.

Let’s ask ourselves – Are we in Safe-Hands? How many hundreds and thousands of soldiers are getting killed for our security in the borders on LOC (Line of Control)? Are we not answerable to the families of those dead soldiers?

Latest budget doesn’t support farmers nor helps the Army. When the Finance minister is loudly shouting the funding being provided to the defense, why this shortage in the army? Don’t we have people in India?

An army force with 15,010 (soldiers) is a huge dearth for any country.

What we people get to hear in the parliament is just 10%. Any other questions being asked in the parliament is hidden with a beautiful phrase – “It is sensitive information.”

If a minister knows how to pronounce and spell ‘Sensitive’ can be a ‘Defense Minister.’

Please take a look at the website of Ministry of Defense Government ministry, the site states the fact –

 “India had in 2016 inked an inter-governmental agreement with France for procuring 36 Rafale fighter jets at a cost of around Rs 58,000 crore. The delivery of the jets is scheduled to begin from September 2019.”

As per the financial experts, Defense personnel and Agri–experts, India is very poor in its assessing in allocating the budget properly to various sectors on a priority basis.

A surprising revelation is ‘Corruption’ is inevitable specifically in the Defense Department – may it be India, developing and most developed countries – and America is also exempted from this devil of corruption. Rajiv Gandhi’s ‘Bofors’ case has been written off by the Apex –court after a long span of 25 years.

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