Rana Daggubati Turns As Producer With Ravi Kanth Perepu’s Directional Film

The ‘Work-Holic’ and ‘Macho-Man’ ‘Rana Daggupati’ is everywhere these days. Alongside his versatile streak of acting, he is putting his hands on making movies also on his banner. He seems to have inherited the genes of his father ‘Suresh Daggupati’. He hand-picked ‘Ravi Kanth Perepu’, a film director who made his debut with the popular movie ‘Kshanam’.

Confirming the news, Perepu says, “I’m working on a love story next. The scripting is in process. I have a couple of narrations and meetings before I reveal the cast and the production house. But yes, I’m talking to Rana Daggubati regarding a story.”

Rana's Next film

This movie ‘Kshanam’ proved his filmy mettle and carved a niche` for him in impressing the viewers. Rana has completed a movie under the aegis of this debut director; the film goes around a modern-age romantic drama with suspense at the end. Rana Daggupati is just the producer of the film (Not acting this movie).  The ‘Guntur –Talkies’ fame ‘Sidhu Jonnalagadda’ is playing a lead role and three more ladies in the film encased in the movie – Seerat Kapoor, Shradha Srinath and Shalini.

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Rana Daggubati Turns As Producer With Ravi Kanth Perepu’s Directional Film

Rana is making his efforts to launch this movie in summer of this year. We just need to wait and watch if Rana can prove himself as a good producer or not. Many who watched him while the movie is being made, say he will become a successful producer. People from the film industry are praising his good listening and decision-making skills.

Ravi Kanth Perepu gained his popularity in the film ‘Kshanam’ as a director. Ravi Kanth made his name popular in, making movies with – low budget yet making his movies huge hits. The director Ravi Kanth seems to have done his homework enveloping the movie with an interesting storyline which is expected to woo the viewers. The film goes around – a modern age love story where a young man is unable to fix his love on who he loves the most — his ex-girlfriends or the current ones.

“To be very honest, I’m still working on the script. Rana is interested in the idea. But both he and I are keen on getting the script right first.” Ravi Kanth Says.

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