Positive Reviews – Pour Crores on Bhagamathi Movie

The recently released movie ‘Bhagamathi’ has gained a positive talk and earned 12 Crore rupees on the first day of its release. Having hit the screens on 26th January ‘Bhagamathi’ has won the hearts of movie-goers. While New Year – 2018 and Sankranthi festival kicked off with flop movies, Anushka Shetty’s reverberating re-entry after Bahubali, in this movie ‘Bhagamathi’ which is a horror thriller enthused the movie lovers.


Positive Reviews – Pour Crores on Bhagamathi Movie

Directed by G. Ashok who attained fame with films like Pilla Zamindar and Sukumarudu has made a good attempt at a new style of horror theme. Bhagamathi with its ‘Superhit’ talk, running in theatres with leaps and bounds; as far as the collections are concerned, this movie got $ 1, 56,538 in the US market and 12 crore rupees in the Indian movie market. The movie analyzers have said, on the second day since its release, ‘Bhagamathi’ continued its successful run and entered into 25 crore rupee club. It is expected to get more collections in a few days to come and projected to be played in more theatres.

Anushka Shetty’s performance in two different shades; one as an IAS officer namely Chanchala, and the second as Bhagamathi made the movie a super hit. This movie has been made on the backdrop of ‘political Horror.’

After a silent stint, music director Thaman seems to have come out of his routine ‘drum beating’ music box and won the applauds of movie critics. In Bhagamathi shade Anushka’s high-pitch dialogues in sync with Thaman’s music jelled well, as per the viewer’s review. Though the first half of the movie is just a cliché (or routine), the nail-biting part starts in the second half of the movie which is decked with interesting, and spine-chilling scenes.

Produced by V Vamsi Krishna Reddy and Pramod under the banner UV Creations – entrenched with the star cast – Asha Sharat, Murali Sharma, Dhanraj, Prabhas Srinu, Vidhyulekha Raman, Talaisaval Vijay, Ajay Gosh, Madhu Nandan etc have done justice to their roles.Cinematography and production values are the plus points of this movie.

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