PayTm Payments Bank Launches Physical Debit Cards

Paytm played a pivotal role in Indian economy during the tough times of ‘Demonetization.’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished to see India as a ‘Cash Less’ country. However, we got away with the ‘Less Cash’ ideology. Paytm Payments Bank, known for its innovative services; came up with the latest provision to its savings account holders. Paytm users can now order a physical debit card from the app itself.

How to Get PayTm Debit card

PayTm Payments Bank Launches Physical Debit Cards

People who don’t have ‘Paytm’ payments bank account can easily get it by tapping Paytm bank icon and enter your personal details such as name, address and Aadhaar number. Then Paytm service representative, at your convenient time comes and meets you to complete all KYC (Know Your Customer) norms – just like the way how you open any bank account. A worth-noting facility with Paytm bank is that you don’t need to maintain any minimum balance requirement but the maximum balance is one lakh rupees. The minimum and maximum requirements go hand in hand with the norms set by RBI for payment banks.

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PayTm UPI Interface for IOS

Another salient feature of Paytm is – unlike any other wallet or other payment banks; Paytm pays 4% interest per annum. Paytm also facilitates that all electronic transfers including UPI (Unified Payment Interface) from the bank account without any transaction charges.

PayTm Payments Bank ATM Card Via iOS

Presently Paytm is available to the customers using phones with iOS; (iPhone OS – is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc) now with Paytm’s new feature of ‘Paytm debit cards’ allows you to withdraw cash just like the way how you use a debit card (ATM card) of any bank.

Paytm running with its leaps and bounds facilities is going to spread its wings to ‘Android’ users in the near future. Paytm has announced officially that the service charge to have this facility is 120 rupees. Paytm, founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in the month of August 2010 is an Indian e-payments and e-commerce company with its headquarters located in Noida, India.

How To Order PayTm Payments Bank Debit Card Through App


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