Pawan Kalyan’s Meeting With JFC On AP Political Issues 

Pawan Kalyan Meeting with JFC: Having provided his full support to TDP & BJP, Pawan Kalyan, during the imminent elections, surprisingly he decided to take a ‘U’ turn, tightened his belt, rolled up his sleeves and ready to give a head-on collision to BJP & TDP. Initially, his motive was to indulge himself in ‘constructive’ politics. After a short span of his road show, he listened to the struggles – now he questioned the alliance between the ruling TDP in Andhra and the BJP at the Centre.

Pawan’s Meeting With Joint-Fact Finding Committee

Pawan Kalyan’s Meeting With JFC On AP Political Issues

The actor – turned politician miffed with the both central and state governments and decided to dedicate to enter into the political career.  Having heard the Recent Budget, he got very upset.

He announced, “I am going to take a break from movie career and immerse myself in 2019 politics, what may come.”

He questioned many socio-political issues and had taken suggestions from several senior political leaders (yesterday – with Loksatta Chief Jaya Prakash Narayan and Congress senior leader ‘Unadavalli Arun Kumar” and many more brawny politicians during his voyage. His ‘Modus – Operandi’ is to keep tweeting all political leaders to such people as ’NAMO’ and TDP leaders and all chief ministers of State chief ministers of India. His itinerary is being finalized.

Pawan Kalyan referring to Chandra Babu Naidu mentioned,” The announced “Special Package” by center & accepted by TDP then – Now People would like to know why the sudden realization now that it’s not working.”

Pawan’s Meeting With Joint-Fact Finding Committee

The JSP chief also reiterated on the need to form a ‘Joint Fact-Finding Committee’ (JFC), comprising of economists, financial experts, ex-public servants, academicians, socio-political leaders etc, to look into contradictory statements made by the state and central government.

Continuing his speech, he made it a point to say,” Leaders in the state have been agitating as the Centre has been refusing to honor the promises as mentioned in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014.”

Pawan Kalyan in many places where he addressed said,” He is on the lookout for such people (People bestowed with Patriotism) who can work for upcoming generations to come.”

Pawan recently expressed interest in forming a Joint Action Committee (JAC) and wished to meet like-minded persons regarding the same.

This came before the actor-politician met Lok Satta founder Jayaprakash Narayan in Hyderabad on Thursday, and discussed a few issues.

Jana Sena and his coterie will meet in ‘Daspalla’ hotel in Hyderabad, and the meeting will convene the people at 2 pm on 16th February and continues until 17th February 2018.

Chalasani Srinivas Rao Met JanaSena Party Chief #PawanKalyan At JSP Party Office #JFC

Chalasani Srinivas Rao Met JanaSena Party Chief #PawanKalyan At JSP Party Office #JFC

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