Pawan Kalyan Ugadi Celebrations At Uddandarayunipalem

Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan Ugadi Celebrations At Uddandarayunipalem: Nobody would expect ‘Pawan Kalyan’ to get so dynamic. A shy person in nature, but modest in doing his part to the society for sure. His recent speech was impressive. Never gets scared to take the names of top people. What he would to the society? We still have to wait and watch. But a couple of things we can say positive about him right away. It is pretty much right to look into ‘Uddanam’, a place prone to kidney diseases. A long-lasting problem but nobody cared. How many of us are aware of the huge number of people are susceptible to kidney disorders? The government never cared. It is unfortunate the social media which goes ga-ga for everything never brought the issue into the bright light. Shame on many people of 50 yrs and above ignored for too long. (I am also one to be in that shameful group). People are dying and we keep watching them die. How irresponsible?

Pawan Kalyan Ugadi celebrations in Uddandryunipalem

Pawan Kalyan Ugadi Celebrations At Uddandarayunipalem

Everybody, without any excuses, should appreciate Pawan Kalyan. Let’s ask a question to ourselves – Why ‘Uddanam’ kidney has not been highlighted by social workers, politicians, and medical professionals. Now we know the problem and the government machinery is making its baby steps to do just a bit – not that help can never suffice people to survive for too long. Why the problem has been hidden under a blanket for decades. It is laudable of Pawan Kalyan with his celebrity status to question the government for such grave problems. (How many celebs would do it?)

Pawan Kalyan or his fans and his supporters are not power-mongers. They highlight and bring awareness of the most neglected long-lasting problems in the society. Simply to say he is making people -concerned getting them out of their houses to probe the issues.

Pawan Kalyan’s Speech in ‘Uddandarayunipalem’ Regarding Farmer's Issues 2

Pawan Kalyan’s Speech in ‘Uddandarayunipalem’ Regarding Farmer's Issues 2

Pawan Kalyan’s Speech in ‘Uddandarayunipalem’ Regarding Farmer’s Issues

Spent his morning in Vijayawada, having celebrated the ‘Ugadi’ festival among the farmers there, The Jana Sena Chief is heading to ‘Uddandarayunipalem.’ The intention of his going there to ‘Finding the Fact’ as to check how many farmers who gave away their most fertile lands got justified by the promises made by the government during the land procurement – predominantly done by ‘Uddandarayunipalem.’ He will find the facts.

The committee constituted by him along with top honest bureaucrats is rightly named – ‘The Joint Fact-Finding Committee.’ The ‘JFC’ gave Pawan Kalyan a report that the patriotic farmers never got any benefits. Four–long years have been passed. Nothing happened significantly. This is the very reason why The Jana Sena Chief –Pawan Kalyan is visiting to bring the truth out. He wants to dig out the facts. It is appreciable to see Pawan Kalyan is trying to do some justice to the underprivileged people there. A promise once made by the government will be shaken by his visit.

Despite the so-called people-centric politicians are mum on many issues, the Jana Sena Chief –Pawan Kalyan is trying to visiting each place at the time to help identify the problems of people – one area/region at a time. He realized hundreds and thousands of ‘Padayatras’ cannot solve any problem. His strategic point is to break the bigger problems into small and keep solving them once for all. That’s a great management practice.    He is conveying his well-discussed problems with his think-tank to the public in a simple language unlike his shoutings on top of his lungs before. People, in general, are trying to understand what he is desirous to do in near future. He may not take high-level positions nor he would encourage his coterie to create any disturbance, but certainly, is going is good.

Pawan Kalyan Meets Agriculturists In Amaravathi – Janasena Party Chief Pawan Speech On Social Issues On Ugadi Day

[Video Courtecy : TV9]

Pawan Kalyan Ugadi Celebrations 2018 at Uddandarayunipalem – Full Video

[Video Courtesy: TV9]

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