Why Should I Respond To Amit Shah? – Pawan Kalyan

The Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan is certainly going tough on his stance. Known for his ‘Aggression’ (Not aggressive) Pawan Kalyan is hitting hard on BJP. Thus far nobody had guts to catch the bull by its horns, but the first-time ever, talking to the media, Pawan Kalyan dares to question, “Why should I respond to Amit Shah, the President of a national party president of BJP?

In the recent past, Amit Shah had written a letter to Pawan Kalyan, as the actor turned politician with a huge fan following worked hard to make BJP win at the national level and TDP in Andhra Pradesh. BJP & TDP realized the power of ‘Power of Star’ Pawan Kalyan. They had been treating him tenderly since then. TDP had been more careful while BJP showed its squint eye on him. A big mistake everybody says from BJP’s side.

Why Should I Respond To Amit Shah? – Pawan Kalyan

Why Should I Respond To Amit Shah? – Pawan Kalyan

Trying to show off his power, the President of a national party president of BJP – Amit Shah despite the warnings of Chandra Babu Naidu who knows Pawan Kalyan well and his will-power warned BJP not to scratch the star on his wrong side. Ignoring Naidu’s advice, Amit Shah –  exactly, that’s what he did that he should not have done.

Keeping aside one’s personal interests, the entire Political elite of AP flocked together and said – the Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan’s statement made a lot of sense in this context. Pawan Kalyan after having his three and half hour meeting with left parties and his extraordinary coterie talked to media.

Possibly for the first time, Pawan Kalyan’s statements have made deep sense to everybody and every political party. The Janasena Chief met with the left parties and decided to put aside the (in) significance of the letter written by Amit Shah– who is indirectly ruling the country showing the face of Modi, tried to show the power of his position.

Reacting to a reporter’s question on the letter written by Amit Shah Pawan Kalyan said, ‘There is no need to consider the letter written by Amit Shah. He has written the letter, as the President of a national party. If the Centre sends a letter to the AP Government, we will then consider it, and react accordingly’. ‘The people of Andhra Pradesh are losing out on many opportunities due Special Category Status. Especially, the north-coastal districts and Rayalaseema districts are being most affected. The state government has failed again and again to develop basic infrastructure in these districts’, said Pawan Kalyan.

In his brilliant comment, the Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan made his point clear that the dispute is between the center and state; not between BJP and TDP.

Boldly, Pawan Kalyan attacked TDP that the party which he supported to win during last elections, utterly failed to obtain every promise what BJP made its false promises for the last four years and kept TDP mum.

Representing the Telugu’ people, Pawan Kalyan said: “Four years has been a long enough of a time to do justice to AP, but we hardly see minute progress in the state and BJP made many false promises in its political manifesto that it would make AP infrastructure progress compared to any other state.”

It’s time for all Ap people to extend their Kudos to Pawan Kalyan to hit the bully with his strong fist. This is what we call ‘Telugu vari Atmagauravam’.  (The esteem of Telugu people).

In a simple and clear mindset – Pawan Kalyan made people know as to how Andhra Pradesh citizens are falling in the dig – dug by BJP-TDP alliance. He expressed his sorrow, how people are dying and suffering amidst the dirty politics of National-Regional political party treaties.

He ended his media meeting questioning the credibility of BJP &TDP as to they want AP people to trust them any further when they are playing their own political games when they could not even do any iota of help to the state.

We can say this modest and heart-bottom speech of the Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan sets a new era in the country. This serious knot is not going to untie that easily.



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