Pawan Kalyan JFC Meeting With JP & Undavalli – Highlights

Pawan Kalyan JFC Meeting: The Jena Sena chief – ‘Power politician’ has become a nightmare to many either in the ‘Ruling Party’ and ‘Opposition’ party. In wake of upcoming ‘Assembly Elections’ Pawan is briskly moving his pawns forward. Taking suggestions from the top brass Power politician’s moves have become a threat to both ruling and opposition politicians. Never expected and underestimated the budding politician’s decisions are making all politicians sleepless.

Pawan's Joint Fact Finding Committee Agenda

Pawan Kalyan JFC Meeting With JP & Undavalli – Highlights

He never minced his words to say – he got motivated by the people of Telangana as to how people fought for their own state-Telangana, ignoring their political parties, cast, creed regions and religions. Pawan seemed to have inherited this ideology to get ‘Special Status’ category for Andhra State.

Unlike before, while campaigning for ‘Prajarajyam Party’ – when Pawan Kalyan was shouting and using abusive language on the ruling party, the poised Pawan properly drafted his script and accurate body language proved his honesty and integrity.

Janasena party, Lok Satta, Congress JFC Meet

Prajarajyam Party founded by his brother Chiranjeevi gave a good start by taking in many intellectuals like ‘Mishra, Dr.Samaram’ and many well-known politicians. But the end Chiranjeevi ignoring the recommendations of all those people and had taken his own decisions and shut shutters of his party. Keeping aside today’s Pawan’s punch dialogue speech, he invited many senior politicians who know in and out of Indian politics such as Jaya Prakash Narayan of Loksatta, senior Congress leader Undavalli Arun Kumar’ and many academicians to sail with him in his endeavor to do justice to Andhra State as all promises were not materialized even after 4 years.

Pawan Kalyan Joint Fact-Finding Committee’s Progressive Steps for AP’s Development

In today’s meeting, the core issue was on releasing a ‘White Paper’ to the public to reveal the funds released by the central government so far and how the state government has spent that money as has been provided by the AP state government. The entire crew of ‘Joint Fact-Finding Committee (JFC).’ The JFC members put their foot down and in a threatening approach the balance sheet i.e. how many funds got received and how the sate spend the fund. The JFC emphasized to disclose the transparency and accuracy and the happenings in Andhra state immediately. Seems the ‘brawny – brain’ group, having high-level influence is not going to let the Andhra Pradesh government machinery sleep until the knot gets untied.

jfc rti application on funds

On the other side, the deadline of Pawan Kalyan for both the state and central governments to submit the reports supporting their claims ends today. Joint Fact-Finding Committee (JFC) will meet tomorrow i.e. on 17th February 2018, to discuss the further action plan.


jfc rti application 2

Pawan’s JFC First Meeting Highlights

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan and JFC Members have met for their First meeting today. (Pressmeet)

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan and JFC Members have met for their First meeting today. (Pressmeet)

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JFC 1st Meet At Daspalla Hotel – Pawan Kalyan Speech [Video Courtesy: TV9]

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