Your Passport – Not a proof of Your Address Anymore…

New Passport Rules Declared By Ministry of External Affairs of India

A 3 – member committee from the Ministry of External Affairs of India has declared significant modifications in the issuance of new passports as stated here:

  1. A passport holder’s address will not be printed anymore on the last page of one’s passport and cannot be used as a proof of one’s residence. The last page of a passport will be left blank. Against the existing practice since long, the new version of passports will not include – names of the father or legal guardian, mother, spouse, and address.
  2. Passports presently are provided in three colors.

(A): White Colour for Government officials

(B): Red color for ‘Diplomats’

(C): Blue color for Indian citizens

Different-Types-Of-Passports-In India

As per the new series, some passports are going to appear in ‘Orange’ color. This ‘orange’ color indicates that the passport holders require ECR (Emigration Check Required). This decision seems to have been taken to help speed up the process at the airports.

New India Passport

  1. The new passports will be designed and printed by the “Indian     Security Press in Nasik.”

As of now, passports are printed by – The Passport Seva (Passport Service) unit of the Consular Passport & Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry as per the Passports Act 1967.

Mr. Surender Kumar – the Secretary of policy and legal affairs of Passport and Visa Division has given the clarity on the three significant changes that are going to take place in the issuance of passports from now on.

Mr. Surender Kumar furthering his statement said, ‘The 3-member committee recommended these major changes in order to safe-keep the information of a passport holder. However, the information that is not going to be printed on the last page of a passport holder will be stored in the Government database. The pronouncements follow a report of a joint panel of foreign ministry and Women and Child Development ministry officials who observed the need to get away with the father’s name in the passport and also to protect the details of the citizen.

Mr. Vaishampayan, the Director of Regional Passport Division in Pune, had also confirmed the changes stated above. All passports those that have been issued since 2012 till date, include a ‘Bar-Code’; the entire information of any passport holder appears on the computer screen when official dignitary scans that ‘Bar-Code’. Passports, those that were issued in the past will still stay valid until they reach the expiration date.

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