Om Prakash Rawat Appointed as New Chief Election Commissioner

Om Prakash Rawat took over the charge as new Chief Election Commissioner of India in Delhi today i.e. on 23rd January 2018. Experts from political arena say that Rawat’s voyage in his office is not going to be the bed of roses. Many challenges are waiting ahead for him due to the imminent elections in 2019. However, the election scenario in India is not new to Rawat. He has seen many ups and downs during his stint as ‘Election Commissioner’ since August 2015. The Union law ministry announced Rawat’s appointment today, one day before the present CEC (Chief Election Commissioner) Achal Kumar Joti exits from the charge.

Om Prakash Rawat Appointed as New Chief Election Commissioner

Om Prakash Rawat Appointed as New Chief Election Commissioner

Om Prakash Rawat born on 2nd December 1953, Rawat is an IAS officer from Madhya Pradesh. Rawat did his M.Sc in social development planning in 1989 in the United Kingdom.

O.P. Rawat during his first press conference today said, “We have been putting in place a more effective coordination mechanism among various agencies, including the income-tax department and the police. Through our expenditure management system, we have been focusing on tackling the flow of black money that is being distributed illegitimately during this election. Our main prescription is the engagement of three flying squads per assembly constituency. In expenditure-In expenditure-vulnerable constituencies, we have deployed more flying squads. Then there are static surveillance teams that check entry of fake Indian currency, mainly in states like West Bengal and Assam that have international borders. They also check whether money from foreign countries is flowing in during elections. The intelligence agencies connected to the department of revenue also give inputs.”

The Chief Election Commissioner’s position is a responsible job to safe keep the “Constitution of India.” The Election Commission of India, a body constitutionally gives the power to conduct “free and fair” elections to the national and state legislatures. This high-level dignitary position is assigned to a member of the Indian Civil Service (IAS). This pivotal post is hand-picked by the president of India upon the consent of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

A Gwalior-based paediatric and Rawat’s classmate in school, supporting the credentials of Rawat sent a note to the press that says, “Ask anyone in MP, everyone who knows my friend will echo the same: he is intelligent, hard-working, down-to-earth and honest. For me though he has remained the same school boy I met many years ago.”

The ruling party members and the members of opposition party unanimously supported Rawat’s appointment as the new CEC of India.

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