NTR Biopic: Balakrishna As Duryodana In Opening Shot

NTR Biopic: Balakrishna As Duryodana In Opening Shot: Nandamuri Balakrishna who closely resembles his father NTR is going to appear in his leading role in NTR Biopic. This Challenging task has been tackled by Director Teja. This biopic officially launched on March 29 and the crew is expected to continue its filmy flakes from March 30. It is astonishing to know that – the Chief Ministers of both Telugu states, Chandrababu Naidu and KCR are likely to grace the launch event. An ardent fan of NTR – KCR who entered into politics with the help of NTR named his son blending NTR’s name as ‘Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao (KTR)’. Keeping all politics aside both AP and Telangana chief ministers made up their time and expressed their happiness to be at the launching event.

NTR Biopic: Balakrishna As Duryodana In Opening Shot

NTR Biopic: Balakrishna As Duryodana In Opening Shot

Director Teja has a lot of homework ahead. Making a biopic of NTR who had made his own successful record; both in many decades of long career in movies and also made waves in the political arena – challenging yesteryear – political stalwarts when there was no political vacuum at that time. His artistic skills are well applauded by all generations.

The story goes back to 1947, went to Chennai and joined the Madras Service Commission as a sub-registrar, a job of great repute in those days. But since his childhood, he was passionate to be in movies and dared to leave such highly decent job within 3 weeks. Those were the kinds of guts and grits who was endowed with. Surrounded by success after success he could continue his legacy for himself.

Nandamuri Balakrishna – 70 years later resuscitating the biopic of the former Chief Minister of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh (we can say United Andhra Pradesh). Balayya himself titled it as – ‘NTR’.

NTR, in his life, had gone through many ups and downs. The worst part of his life NTR’s life was his being dethroned as chief minister in Viceroy Hotel episode. NTR had seen both successes and failures. This element makes the movie makers tougher to handle. But we can say it is the time is ripe when Balayya himself is looking after the story. Who else could be the better person to narrate the life of NTR other than Balayya? Hence the crew is happy and confident, working on NTR’s biopic. Balayya and ricocheted director Teja worked out the script meticulously. So move cynics have to zip their lips. Haa! For a great biopic, the music maestro ‘Keeravani’ is composing the music.

Producer Korrapati Sai also confirmed the date of launching that is 29th of March and the title ‘NTR’ as well. Rama Krishna Studios will be the first place where the first shot will be clapped. Who other actors will appear in the movie is not unveiled yet. We all know the life history of ‘NTR’ but the entire demur does make a difference where the Pic gets highlighted and how factual they make it.

NTR Biopic – Balakrishna As Duryodana in First Frame

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