Which New Year Resolution Is Going To Give A Perfect Path in 2018

What Is New Year Resolution? How To Frame It? :2017 is almost over. 2018 is just around the corner. On the First day of every year as per the English calendar, we make an oath (take a Pledge or promise… whatever you wanna call it) the things we have been wanting to do for ourselves. Irrespective of our religion, caste, and creed, we take a pledge; the things we like to do in this New Year. So we can call 1st of January of every year as a secular festival. This tradition is not new to us but it has been observed world over since ages. January 1st is a special day. On this day, we make a promise to ourselves. We try to make the entire year special based on our promise and we try hard to implement those pledges. Usually speaking this is not considered as a festive occasion for Indians until some decades ago. As per the historical annals, Babylonians had started this day as a festival 4,000 years ago. Babylonians were the people who gave a head start to this day as a festival.

New year Resolution 2018

Which New Year Resolution Is Going To Give A Perfect Path in 2018


“In those golden days, a man’s longevity was expected to be ‘100’ years. (Shatamanam Bhavathi)” It sounds like a big number but now the span of life of a human has been shrunk to 70 or 80 years from the optimistic side of it. Barely have we come across people who hit a century these days. Year after year- makes many years is a part of the time frame. Everybody wants to do many things during one’s own lifetime.
The opening day of every year remains as a part of a human’s remembrance. So the 1st of every year has spread its wings throughout the world. We hardly get to see people talking about their own traditional calendar days these days. Those days are long gone. 2018 is here already!

Things To Ask Yourself Before Taking The New Year Resolution


Ask yourself the following questions what you have been trying to do before you hit 1st of January, 2018. Be prepared and check yourselves what you can do and what you cannot. Be pragmatic and hold your resolutions very tightly.

  • What are the kinds of skills those that you are very strongly desirous to learn since long?
  • What are the skills those that you know already but still want to harness them further?
  • What are the names of books that you eagerly wanting to read but you could not, for some reason or the other?
  • What are all the goals that you have set ahead of you in this year? And what are your plans as to how you want to overcome hurdles on your way to achieve them?
  • (Do your own SWOT analysis)
  • What are your strengths and how you want to continue using them?
  • What are your weaknesses and how you would like to overcome or set aside them?
  • What are your plans in 2018 to tighten the warp and weft of your family bondage leading to strengthening your love and affection for your spouse and children, making 2018 as a memorable year?
  • What kind of plans can you set for yourself to help improve your physical and mental health in 2018?
  • What are the plans can you think of to better your financial conditions?
  • What are the elements that are making you disappointed or depressed in your life and how you would want to set them aside?
  • (You must be the best judge of yourself to set your goals; Do not seek help from others)

Here Comes…! How You Can Be Yourself In New Year

Any bad memories you might have faced in the past year(s), just throw them away in a dustbin.  The first and foremost thing that you ought to do is to learn to “Love yourself.” Your self-esteem should be your essential feature of your life that you must not ignore. Give high importance to your own hobby which should be far above the ground; may it be painting, cooking, dancing or singing etc.,



What Helps To Fix A New Year Resolution? & How To Stick To Your New Year Resolution

Irrespective of your chores or busy itinerary, you must allocate some time to your hobby every day.   It is a proven fact that if you spend some time on the things that you like the most, it certainly helps improve your emotional quotient.

  • Ask yourself – what is that special thing that you want to do in 2018?
  • Are you planning to start a business on your own?
  • Are you planning to hone your skills and prove or improve them?

New Year resolutionsYou must have a pinpoint clarity and the finest degree of approach to reach your goal. Set your schedules right. Beware to understand where you are now and how far you want to go to reach your goals. Never put off anything that you must do today until tomorrow. 31st December 2018 is your deadline to complete your tasks.

Last but not the least – Don’t find faults with others and don’t waste your time gossiping them around. Remember that good adage! – ‘Fault finders find faults even in heaven.’ Ignore them and move forward with your energy and strong motive to go ahead. Hopefully! This new year might bring a new life and new zeal in everyone! Rock the world with your highly valuable esteems.

Indianlens.com team extends its best wishes in advance to everyone on the occasion of 1st January of the New Year-2018.



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