Monitor Your Diabetes Through Your Smartphone

The WHO (World Health Organization) tagged India is the ‘Capital of Diabetes.’ A proven research by WHO revealed the fact that 80 percent of mortality rate is prone to ‘Diabetes.’ WHO also warns India; the number deaths with diabetes will double between 2016 and 2030.

Monitor Your Diabetes

Monitor Your Diabetes Through Your Smartphone  

It is really interesting to see as to how our Indian tech savvy think-tanks are bringing new products to help prevent many health hazards. Diabetes is a silent killer. It doesn’t show any immediate signs of one’s health. Many patients go to a doctor when they reach the second stage of diabetes.

WHO mentioned “un-monitored prevalence of diabetes also results in increased risk of vascular complications like cardiovascular, renal, neural and visual disorders which are related to the duration of the disease. It is certainly an alarming to know as many as 50 million people suffering from type-2 diabetes”.

Here is good news for people suffering from diabetes. ‘Beato’ company came up with its innovative product. Many doctors are recommending this to monitor people with any signs of diabetes.

What is a Glucometer?

A Glucometer is a device that determines the concentration of sugar in the blood. BeatO Smart Glucometer simply plugs into your Smartphone and when you take a reading, it gets automatically saved on your mobile and is instantly shared with family, Doctor, and Certified Diabetes Experts.

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

Price of BeatO Smartphone Glucometer: Rs 1199

What is included:
  • 1 Smartphone Glucometer
  • 20 Strips
  • 20 Lancets
  • 1 Lancing device
  • 3 Month FREE Diabetes Expert Support
  • 1 User manual

BeatO Glucometer Kit

Key Features:

  • Small & Easy
  • Accurate
  • Long battery life (5 years/4000 tests)
  • Tiny blood sample (0.6uL)
How To Buy BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

Visit the website BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

How to Use BeatO Glucometer – A Complete Guide

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