Mass Shooting in Texas Church – 26 Killed, 20 Found Critical

Mass Shooting in Texas Church: At First Baptist Church in Texas the mass shooting was happened at 11.20 am. A man dressed black suddenly opens the rifle and attempted to shoot the crowd. As per reports, 26 people were killed on the spot and 20 people were wounded. The rescue operations were speeded up for the victims. People who wounded in this attack were moved to hospitals in an immediate operation. The Airline Helicopter was used to move the victims for fast treatment. The victims were moved to Brooke Army Medical Center for instant help. As far as the reports say, this is the deadliest shooting took place in Texas ever.

Mass Shooting in Texas Church – 26 Killed, 20 Found Critical

Mass Shooting in Texas Church – 26 Killed, 20 Found Critical

The officials who started searching for the attacker didn’t identify the attacker. While an official identified the attacker as Devin Kelley. On Sunday night, the officials were identifying the assailant as Kelley. The attacker Kelley lives in San Antonio, and he is not related to any terrorist group. The officials were further investigating about Kelly’s social media postings to know much information about attacks before Sunday. The assailant has attacked the people with an AR-15 semiautomatic weapon. Freeman Martin, the regional director of the Texas Department of Public Safety has stated that the assailant Kelly wearing the full black dress during the shoots. He reaches the First Baptist Church at around 11.20 am. While crosses the road, he started firing on people with AR Rifle and continued to the Church building.

The attacker was chased by an armed resident after the incident took place. After the chase, the attacker found dead in a vehicle containing several weapons inside it. The security officer of Texas, Martin said that the cause of attacker’ death is still unknown, that is whether he was killed by the armed resident who chased him or Kelly have had died by wounding himself.

The actual motive behind this Texas Attack is still unknown by the police officials. In this assault, 23 people found dead at First Baptist Church in Texas, 3 people found dead outside the church. The people who died in this attack were of age groups 5 to 72 years old.

Government law requirement swarmed the small community 30 miles southeast of San Antonio after the assault to offer help, including ATF agents and people from the FBI’s confirmation accumulation group.Among those killed was the 14-year-old  girl of the Church pastor, Frank Pomeroy, and his wife, Sherri. Sherri Pomeroy wrote in an instant message to the AP that she and her better half were away in two distinct states when the assault happened.

“We lost our 14 year old daughter today and many friends,” she wrote. “Neither of us have made it back into town yet to personally see the devastation. I am at the charlotte airport trying to get home as soon as i can.”

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