Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon 31st January -Live Streaming

Lunar Ecplise: The world is observing a big Lunar eclipse for the first time in this year. The Lunar is called as Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Ecplise. The NASA Television is broadcasting the   Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Ecplise Live streaming from 5.30 am E.S.T on 31st January 2018. Don’t miss to watch this rare Lunar Blue Blood Moon eclipse. The Lunar Ecplise streaming link was attached here. Just click on the video to stream and watch the surprise.

“This is a rare phenomenon which occurs once in 152 years”

“This is the first total lunar eclipse since September 28 2015 an it has been almost seven years since the Moon entered the Earth’s umbral shadow as deeply as this one,” Slooh astronomer Paul Cox said.

“That red appearance is really the sunrise and the sunset of the Earth falling on the Moon.”

Lunar Ecplise Blue Moon

NASA’s Introduction About Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Ecplise

Lunar eclipse Super Blue Blood Moon 31st January -Live Streaming

Video Credit: NASA

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