Link Aadhar Card with SIM Card Using OTP/IVRS From Home with Simple Steps

Link Aadhar Card with SIM Card: The Government of India has made the Aadhar and SIM Card linking process mandatory earlier and has kept the deadline up to 31st March 2018. After the stipulated period, the SIM Cards those are not linked up will be deactivated automatically. Most of the SIM Card users have gone through this process already and others who do not carry out yet are about to visit their mobile network operators to undergo this process.

While recently the Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha has announced a simple methodology to link Aadhar Card with mobile number. Using the One Time Password (OTP), app or IVRS facility the users can link Aadhar and phone number easily. Now, the users can make this process from home itself without no hassle of waiting in a long queue. So, the people who do not link mobile number to Aadhar yet can proceed to check this article for more clarification about the process.

Announcing the new modes, the minister said: “The Aadhaar number system was designed to allow all residents to access to critical government services. It is the government’s endeavour to improve convenience and reduce time and energy spent by consumers to accessing government information and services.”

Link Aadhar Card with SIM Card Using OTP/IVRS From Home with Simple Steps

Link Aadhar Card with SIM Card Using OTP/IVRS From Home with Simple Steps

To keep track of false/fake mobile numbers and to provide the secured access the Government of India has introduced the process of Linking Aadhar with Mobile numbers. This authentication process can also be called as the re-verification process. To carry out this process users have to visit the mobile network operator’s outlet along with their Aadhar card copy. Where the biometric authentication of the candidates will be taken by the executives and hence the linking process will be done. While recently the Government of India has instructed the mobile network providers to exercise their process by visiting the houses of disabled, senior citizens, and chronically ill people as they cannot visit the mobile network offices to make this process.

For users who do not have the 12-digit biometric identification number, a separate mechanism for e-verification — an exercise designed to weed-out dummy and unscrupulous users — will be put in place shortly, a source said.

The users not having the Aadhar Card number (12-digit), in case of NRI’s the Aadhar-SIM linking process will be done using their passport number or ration card etc – as per the information from the sources.

Re-verification of Mobile Number with OTP /IVRS System

  • OTP mode will use the mobile number which is now registered with the Aadhaar database and can be used for re-check of user’s other mobile numbers as well.
  • Operators have been directed to facilitate the request for the OTP to e-check the phone numbers through sites or mobile apps. Entering in the OTP would finish the procedure successfully.
  • So also, the Interactive Voice Response System or IVRS can be used as verification through the special apps.

About 50 crore mobile numbers are now registered in Aadhaar database, and the OTP can be used for re-check in these cases. Sinha said the telecom services have to give an online component to people to ask for doorstep check for debilitated, chronically sick or old people.

If there should be an occurrence of agent-assisted biometric validation for SIM re-confirmation or issuance, telcos have been made a request to ensure that full e-KYC details of supporters are not made noticeable to the operator. Nor should information be put away on the agent’s gadget.

Last Dates to Link Aadhar Number with PAN Card, ITR

In the present Government, e-KYC information of the endorser including photo is obvious to the agent of the telecom service. The Government has made it required to connect Aadhaar cards with Permanent Account Numbers (PAN), bank accounts, Income Tax Return (ITR), social security schemes and mobile numbers. The due dates for each varies.

The due date for connecting Aadhaar with PAN for assessment forms is December 31 and the same for connecting the biometric number with the mobile number (SIM) is February 6, 2018.

The declaration went ahead a day when the government told the Supreme Court that the due date for required connecting of Aadhaar to profit advantages of different government plans would be extended till 31st March 2018.

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