44 years – 43 Victories By Leander Paes: Timeless Wonder

‘Leander Adrian Paes’ popularly known as ‘Leander Paes’, is an Indian professional tennis player. Leander was born in Calcutta, India, on 17 June 1973 to Vece Paes, a Goan, and, Jennifer Paes. He is acknowledged to have been one of the best doubles and mixed doubles players of all time in Tennis.

‘Leander Paes’ joined the Board of Directors of Olympic Gold Quest, a foundation co-founded by Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone to support budding athletes from India in winning Olympic medals.

44 years – 43 Victories By Leander Paes: Timeless Wonder

44 years – 43 Victories By Leander Paes: Timeless Wonder

He showed his dexterity by winning on China and set a remarkable victory in Tennis On Sunday that is on 7th April 2018. Nicholas Petrinjali, the top tennis player who set all-time records in Tennis so far has been the vertex in his career. Now, ‘Leander Paes’ broke all those records and pushed down all top tennis players reached to the apex in the history of Tennis tournaments in the world. ‘Paes’ has been the triumphant of 43 ‘Davis Cups’ at his 28 years of age.

‘Leander Paes’ expressed his bliss for having won such great accolades. His highest achievement in his career is ‘Grand Slam in men’s doubles and mixed doubles, and achieved the rare men’s doubles/mixed doubles double at the 1999 Wimbledon tournament. This one achievement talks about his inborn skills.

Paes at the age of 44 years, teamed with ‘Bopanna’ – played on behalf of India against China in a stiff competition broke the highest number of records set by the Italian Tennis player Nicholas Petrinjali who holds ‘42 Davis Cups’ and made India proud by having gained the repute and made himself eligible to play in the ‘World Tennis Group.’

‘Leander Paes’ in his debut tournament 28 years ago, so far, has won ’43 Davis Cups’ in mixed doubles with 12 players on behalf of India. It is worth recalling that out of all the plays played by ‘Paes’ winning 43 victories, 25 of his accomplishments have been recorded playing with Mahesh Bhupathi.

Talking to media after having won such a great achievement, ‘Paes’ expressed his delight and told that it made him more confident.

He dedicated his victory to his parents, his daughter, his teammates who played with him in ‘Davis Cup’ and his captains. He told the media that he is proud to be an Indian and hoped that his posterity in Tennis game would get motivated by his long voyage in the history of ‘Tennis.’


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