JFC Is For AP, Telangana States – Jaya Prakash Narayan Confirms

JFC already sought information from both central and State governments regarding the key information as to see how governments have spent money in various sectors. People of India are well aware of ‘RTI’ (Right to Information). It’s time to recall it was Jaya Prakash Narayan (JP) who had brought RTI up and running. Needless to say – Nobody can tell ‘cock-and-bull’ stories to people.

“The ‘Joint Fact-Finding’ (JFC) Committee is not just for Andhra state alone, but ‘JFC’ will get facts and faults, happened both in Andhra and Telangana” Jaya Prakash Narayan declared.

JFC Meet Day 2

JFC Is For AP, Telangana States – Jaya Prakash Narayan Confirms

Pawan Kalyan has made his stance clear that people of the state are becoming victims due to the “faulty politics” and the leaders associated with it. He found fault with both the ruling and the opposition parties accusing that they have divided political identity which is not ideal for the people of both states.

The foremost step what Pawan Kalyan has done is to bring in JP into his political coterie. One has to agree with this decision of Pawan Kalyan. After receiving the information sought by ‘JFC’, the action starts.

JFC Meeting Day 2

The top-notch bureaucrats – Padmanabhayya, IYR and Chandra Sekhar with their impeccable careers are chosen given the responsibility to dig the dust. Under the RTI act governments have no authority to delay or giving any excuses. So ‘JFC’ must get all the facts whoever seeks whatever information one wants.

The joke of the century here is, JP who played a key role in bringing ‘RTI’ system in India, he himself now has to seek the information from RTI. So, the game is over for the corrupt politicians or government officials.

Stating the situation ‘JP’ said, “Upon receiving the key information, the fact-finding committee will analyze the data and the information will be made accessible to the public”

Having analyzed the information and the promises made by governments (Central and State) are answerable to disclose the disbursements to various government departments. The allocation of funds from the central government to state governments (as of now – limited to the central government and both Telugu speaking states), the skilled-bureaucrats Padmanabhayya, IVR, and Chandra Sekhar will analyze the information to check if the funds provided the central government have been spent appropriately or not. And Padmanabhayya, IVR, and Chandra Sekhar will also consider the promises made by any government in their political manifesto were met or not.

Subsequent to the meeting, the JFC team will visit the slum areas and talk to downtrodden people. Then the team will visit ‘Polavaram’ project, analyze ‘Special Package’ given by the central government to AP state government and the funds provided by the central government to AP state to build the ‘AP – capital.’ The herculean task taken up by the ‘JFC’ is unique in the history of India. All these experts expressed that ‘the two-Telugu’ speaking states are amenable and maintaining “Harmony.”

JFC Meeting Day 2

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