Janasena’s first plenary session @ 4 pm on 14th March

Janasena’s first plenary session @ 4 pm on 14th March: The most exciting event is just around the corner. That is on – 14th March, at 4 pm, the Janasena’s (fully constituted) first plenary session. This is its fourth foundation day but first plenary session. The venue of the event, in front of the Acharya Nagarjuna University, is completely crowded with organizers making arrangements to showcase a substantial show of its strength. The Janasena party Chief Pawan Kalyan seems to have his tactical political weaponry got them together ready. He is meticulously making his machinery all set. Pawan Kalyan has begun talking to his party workers and fans thronged from all districts to follow his instructions.

Janasena’s first plenary session @ 4 pm on 14th March

Janasena’s first plenary session @ 4 pm on 14th March

He is personally supervising all the arrangements being done by his crew and giving his advice.  He stepped on the stage where he is expected to speak to have a feel of it from where he will speak out the facets of Janasena party. He is taking utmost care to prevent any untoward circumstances. The venue he has selected has an extensive stretch of 35 acres and personally looking after all minute details.

He is up to his apt point and declared that he would make his party manifesto clear to the people and what kind of political voyage that he would want to adapt. He will speak out his future plans on behalf of Janasena Party members.

The Janasena party Chief Pawan Kalyan, having completed his extensive counseling with his personal and Professional coterie to help the event successful and peaceful, performed ‘Pooja’ in the land, where he is going to build his own house shortly. Then he left for Guntur. He made his humble request to the social media, not to ‘hype’ and ‘spread any provocative news during the event.

The purport of this plenary session is to wield pressure on the Centre to fulfill the promises made by it to the state. Party leaders Kalyanam Srinivasa Rao, Govindu, Anjibabu, Bandreddy Chandu, Kishore, Hazar Srinivasa Rao, Gudi Satish Kumar and others are expected to present there to support the event.

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