Janasena Party Supports National Highway Rasta Roko

Janasena Party Supports National Highway Rasta Roko: All opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh state including TDP – Congress, Jana Sena, left parties together have decided to conduct ‘A National Rasta–Roko’ against ‘Ruling Party – BJP’ tomorrow, 22nd March from 10 am to noon demanding ‘Special- Category’ status for AP state. Not causing any public violence – all opposition parties are tagging black badges to their dresses and keeping away from violence and preventing provocative speeches, all parties decided to have ‘Silent – Protest’. Busy –Bee Pawan Kalyan supported ‘Rasta-Roko’ but unable to participate personally in this protest tomorrow. All opposition political parties will participate but it is expected that YSRCP taking leading role may get into a bit wild-ruckus in the protest tomorrow.

AP special status


Janasena Party Supports National Highway Rasta Roko

All opposition parties resembling the ‘Joint Action Committee’ while Telangana is trying to get its own separate state as how all government departments like RTC, Revenue department, PWD and what not – all stopped their work and sat for fast on to death until ‘The separate Telangana State’ was announced without any rationality and also against Constitutional adherence.

Seems all opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh are following in the footsteps of ‘Modus Operandi’ to reach their goal in attaining ‘Special Status Category’ for Andhra Pradesh.

The Communist Party of India (CPI) severely censured the Ruling party – BJP is playing its cheap games both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and not even giving a chance for opposition parties to move – ‘No-Confidence Motion’. All Opposition parties expressed their anger on the ruling party for the ruling party’s adamant attitude to keep adjourning the ‘Confidence Motion’ every time when the opposition parties demand the issue.



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