ISRO Hits a Century – 100th Satellite Successfully Sent

It has not been a bed of roses for ISRO to reach its “Mile Mark” that it had reached on 12th January 2018. A nationwide-arguments really disappointed ISRO till 2014. The journey of ISRO that it has faced ‘failure after failure’ since 4-decades can never be forgotten. The bitter criticism faced by ISRO since its inception by the opposition parties and the arduous walk – walked by ISRO is a remarkable gift to all Indians. The 100th satellite it had sent up is a “New year Gift” to India.

ISRO Hits a Century – 100th Satellite Successfully Sent

ISRO Hits a Century – 100th Satellite Successfully Sent

The toughest time ISRO ever had faced was the time when ‘Mr. Abdul Kalam’ headed this agency. The entire world and the UN turned against India building its Nuclear Power and went to the extent of snapping all funding provided by the US, IMF and the UN. With yesterday’s Satellite launch by ISRO has received many applauds from the cynics as well quick-fixing their arguments per se “A developing Country like India should not allot such a huge budget to ‘The Mission of Failures’ at the cost of feeding the poor.”

Amidst the huge uproar, Indian Scientists with their unrelenting efforts for the last few years proved their success after success. Incidentally, it happened to hit the 100th satellite, a ‘milestone’ under the aegis of its chairman Sri. A.S. Kiran Kumar who is about to retire on 23rd of January 2018 and Mr.K. Sivan will take over the reins of ISRO. The successor of A.S. Kiran Kumar – Mr. K.Sivan has been considered by the Government of India already.

Having instilled the confidence of every country in the world, ISRO has successfully sent its “The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C40) lifted off successfully from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The PSLV C40 carried 31 satellites on behalf of many countries including India. Needless to say, India gains the huge amount of foreign currency and provides a great buffer to the ‘Telecommunications’ in India.

What kind of benefits are we getting from ISRO?


In layman’s terms to understand the work carries on by ISRO; One can recall the damage done by Extremely Severe Hudhud Cyclone that caused a grave loss of lives in eastern India and Nepal during October 2014. Until 2014, India had been depending on NASA to get the information to help prevent the damage.  But, Hudhud cyclone taught us a lesson. Whatever the reason it could be, NASA used to alert the Indian Government very late. NASA’s lethargic attitude in case of Hudhud is inexcusable. ISRO took this incidence as a challenge and sent a satellite setting it in the appropriate orbit. Now India doesn’t need to rely on NASA to know the imminent natural calamities. How Great!

PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) has carried is India’s 100th satellite – Cartosat 2 is a surveillance satellite. The satellites were expected to be launched in two orbits which made the mission a unique work. Such an attempt was made by ISRO but the mission was failed on August 31, 2017.  Known for ISRO’s unrelenting, proven-studious work (worth noting – unquestioned by even critics), finally, it is “A Mission Accomplished” by ISRO.

As per the ISRO’s information after its successful launch said, “The 28 other satellites are from Canada, Finland, France, South Korea, the UK and the US. The 28 international customer satellites were launched as part of the ‘Commercial Arrangements’ between ISRO and its commercial arm ‘Antrix Corporation Ltd”. HATS OFF TO ISRO!

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