Indian-US Deals to Become Stronger for Defence Pacts – Confirms Alice G Wells

Indian-US Deals to Become Stronger for Defence Pacts: The US to join hand with India for Defence deals. American Diplomat Alice G Wells has clarified that Trump administration to facilitate the sale of F-16 and F-18 fighter jets to New Delhi. The Indian-US ties are polishing up for future efforts, as per the reports assure.

Indian-US Deals to Become Stronger for Defence Pacts - Confirms Alice G Wells

Indian-US Deals to Become Stronger for Defence Pacts – Confirms Alice G Wells

The Trump organization a month ago disclosed to Congress that it “strongly supports” the offer of F-18 and F-16 fighter jets to India and stated that the recommendations can possibly take the Indo-US resistance binds to the next level.

There are vital protection claims that the two nations can push ahead on, Alice G Wells, acting assistant secretary of state for the South and Central Asian Affairs, revealed in an interview yesterday.

The understandings will make it less demanding for the US to share classified data and that will encourage deals like the F-16 or the F-18 fighter flights and will help make a barrier innovation association, which is the thing that India is looking for, however, which will likewise make employment for Americans at home, she said.

“This is a dynamic relationship which really hasn’t begun to see the potential yet,” Wells said.

US Secretary Rex Tillerson’s Visit Important Proposals

Alice G Wells had escorted the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his visit to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

“This was an extremely friendly, very wide-ranging dialogue on how we can partner together on the strategic relationship that we think is going to define the rest of the 21st century,” Wells said.

At US Secretary’s visit to India both, the countries have shared their perspectives on transparency, a respect for democracy, freedom of navigation, for economic development. And they also discussed how they inculcate these standards Indo-Pacific regions border while working with important associates like Australia and Japan.

“Tillerson’s visit to Gandhi Smriti was very moving and was a touchstone for what unites that this relationship is very much one built on values,” she said, adding that the Secretary of State laid out a lot of ambitions for the relationship.

“We want to build on the June visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the President (Donald Trump). We’d like to deepen the military-to-military cooperation that has moved very quickly; over the last decade we’ve gone from zero to 15 billion in defence sales.

“We’d like to expand the bilateral trade and investment dimension of the relationship. We have about USD 115 billion in trade, USD 40 billion in bilateral investment,” Wells said, noting that this week they have two important meetings going on, the Trade Policy Forum and the Commercial Dialogue.

India Vs US Ties Becoming Strong Further

India’s Mahindra is going to open an auto plant in November at Michigan.

“We’ve seen purchases of Boeing aircraft, all of which produce, again, thousands of jobs for American citizens,” Wells said.

Ivanka Trump’s Visit to India for Global Entrepreneurship in November

Also, it was earlier scheduled that Ivanka Trump, daughter of US president Trump to visit India in next month to take part in Global Entrepreneurship Summit along with 1300 entrepreneurs and investors.

“During his India visit, Tillerson focused on how they can promote regional stability. In the South Asia strategy, we have given an important role to India on helping to stabilise Afghanistan economically and to build its human resource capacity,” she said.

India has invested USD 2 Billion in Afghanistan since 2001 and promised to invest USD 1 Billion more by the year of 2020. India is having projects in 31 provinces.

“They are constructive, and I think it has demonstrated that India is an important and valuable partner.

“At the same time, we have made it clear to everyone that we would never tolerate anyone’s soil being used against the other. On the fight against terrorism, building on the joint designation we did of Harakat ul-Mujahidin during Modi’s visit, we’re looking forward to working with the the Indians on identifying additional designations that we should pursue together,” Wells added.

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