Indian National Girl Child Day Observed on 24th January Every Year

India, still being a ‘Male-Chauvinistic’ society has conditioned men to view women as the weaker gender. The strongly rooted ‘Culture’ for ages, particularly in the context of India, made the male to see women as a liability due to dowry system, prevalent since long and still existing. It is unfortunate, even the educated male prefers a male child. Female infanticide is the worst problem that beleaguered India for centuries. Despite spreading the awareness, providing liberal incentives on the significance of having a female child by the central or state governments proved futile. Thus, ‘National Girl Child Day’ is celebrated in India on 24th January of every year.’

Indian National Girl Child Day Observed on 24th January Every Year

Indian National Girl Child Day Observed on 24th January Every Year

On national girl child day – every government provides a platform to promote more awareness about the rights of every girl and seeks innovative ideas from people to save a girl child. The salient feature of national girl child day is to bring about the inequalities faced by a large number of girls in the country. This celebration is a need of the hour in India to highlight the provisions being provided by the government.

Leaving Kerala state aside where Male, Female Ratio is reported to have 1084 females to that of 1000 males. And in all other states in India, this ratio is – 933 females to that of 1000 males as per 2011 census. The day – 24th January, provides a dais to encourage parents not only to safe-keep their female-child but also provides the information on girl education, health, and nutrition.

Fortunately, social media is playing a positive role on this critical issue. On the day of 24th January every year, people share the slogan of the day; “Saluting the strengths, skills & achievements of the girl child on National Girl Child Day. Protect and promote the rights and interests of our girls. Let her live, let her grow with pride, with freedom.”

To mark the occasion, several people took to social media to celebrate Girl Child Day and also to raise their voice against female infanticide.

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