Help to Protect ‘Telugu’ Language – Says Venkaiah Naidu

The Vice President Venkaiah Naidu called upon the ‘Mothers’ in Andhra Pradesh to shoulder the responsibility in help protecting the ‘Mother Tongue – Telugu Language.’ The ‘Andhra Pradesh Mahila Commission’ members met the Vice- President Venkaiah Naidu and his wife Mrs. Usha Naidu in the official residence of the Vice-President in Delhi. On this occasion, Mr. Naidu expressed his views on the significance of ‘Telugu Language’ and need to encourage and impart the language to their children. Addressing the mothers of Telugu speaking group, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu who is known for his linguistic – lucidity, in his own unique style mentioned that he was not against children learning ‘English’ language but mothers must teach ‘Telugu’ language to their children during their tender age and all other languages later.

“Mother Tongue – Telugu is comparable to one’s own eyes and English language is a pair of spectacles worn on eyes”, the Vice-President cited. Mr. Naidu lauded both Telugu Speaking states for making Telugu, a mandatory language till Tenth class.

M Venkaiah Naidu says to protect Telugu

Help to Protect ‘Telugu’ Language – Says Venkaiah Naidu

 “Indian Culture has its own saga of legendary status since the age-old times of holy Vedas and Epics hence it is our responsibility to protect its heritage,” Mr. Venkaiah Naidu told.

Taking this occasion – he lauded the sacred women listed in the ‘Puranas’ and reminded as to how all rivers in India named after women. He reiterated the priority that should be given to women in India and help them to make “an impossible – possible.” He furthered his opinion, “Just providing the women reservation doesn’t suffice but inculcating the confidence in them which has been missing since long which is the need of the hour. It is the responsibility of every person to lend a hand to women to the extent they can with selflessness and integrity.

The ‘political’ will be supported by the amendment to comply with the legislative bill and to ease the implementation of the bill calls for honesty and integrity in the political circles.” Education can bring about a change for girls in India, therefore, every girl must be educated. Education is the core element which can take the girls/ women forward in their lives; so all women must assist their female children to get educated.

Beyond all the above-stated factors, women must have the “Financial Sustenance” and make them legally eligible to get the fair share of their ancestral property. When all these are taken seriously by the government and male population in India, then only the women who have been long confined to the four walls of kitchens can come out and stand on their own legs. In the conclusion of his advice, he had stated women must be very vigilant in providing the quality education to their female children.

The Vice – president expressed his pleasure to find as to how Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments are helping the women with the support of ‘Swarna Bharat Trust’ in providing self-sustenance, nurturing the budding women in the skill set areas of stitching, embroidery, weaving and such other petty jobs. The modern women in India are well-utilizing the financial assistance from banks or from other financial institutions and providing the needed support to the male.

The Mahila Commission Chairperson – Nannapaneni Rajakumari in her press conference mentioned that it was a pleasure talking to Sri. Venkaiah Naidu and his wife Mrs. Usha Naidu and expressed their gratitude to them for the valuable time – the Vice President and his wife spared and the views they shared in their motivational speech. They promised the Vice-President that they would do their share of help in providing the required sustenance for the women in need.

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