Gujrat Assembly Elections 2017 Exit Polls Results – Who will Win?

Gujrat Assembly Elections 2017 Exit Polls: The Exit surveys were conducted after two phases of Gujrat Assembly elections on 9th December and 14th December across the state. As per the exit poll results, BJP Party is having the higher chances to win in the state of Gujarat. The Gujarat vote counting will be done on 18th December. Meanwhile, the Gujarat exit polls surveys were held by various sources. Let us explore what the Gujarat exit poll results confirm.

Gujrat Vidhansabha Elections 2017 Exit Polls Results – Who will Win?

Gujrat Assembly Elections 2017 Exit Polls Results – Who will Win?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the ruling party of Gujarat. BJP having a stronghold with 20 years of ruling. Gujarat Assembly elections 2017 were held for 182 total constituencies. While BJP is having chances to occupy 111 seats among them. While Congress is having chances for 71 places, as per CVoter. Various other sources like Chanakya, ABP-CSDS, NDTV, Axis And other sources have come up with their exit poll survey reports. As per the information observed, collectively all the sources have expressed the similar opinion that BJP is going to grab the stronghold in Gujarat in Vidhasabha elections 2017.

Assembly Election Results 2012

In the 182-part Gujarat Assembly, a party needs 92 seats to frame the legislature. In the 2012 Assembly surveys, the BJP had won 115 seats while the Congress figured to get 61 and others six.

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 Exit Poll Surveys

Gujrat Assembly Elections Exit Polls

NDTV has estimated that the BJP was likely to clinch 112 seats and the Congress 70.

Chanakya gave BJP 135 seats in Gujarat and anticipated 47 for the Congress, 14 less than its tally in the current Assembly. The exit survey also anticipated a vote offer of 49 percent for the BJP and 38 percent for the Congress party.

CVoter Exit Poll estimated that the BJP 111 seats and the Congress 71.

Times Now-VMR Exit survey anticipated 113 seats for the BJP and 66 for the Congress, with the remaining going to others.

India Today-Axis have predicted that BJP is forwarding with winning 106 seats. It projected 75 seats for the Congress.

ABP-CSDS leave study by ABP News anticipated a BJP triumph in 117 seats as against the Congress’ 64.

India TV-VMR study also figures a BJP win, with the party prone to secure anyplace in the victory of 108 and 118 seats. The Congress, it stated, could win 61 to 71 seats. The review said the BJP could earn 48 percent of the voters surveyed, the Congress 41 and others 11 percent.

Gujrat Assembly Elections 2017 Exit Polls [From Various Surveys]

Exit polls BJP Congress Others
Times Now 113 66 3
India Today-Axis 106 75 1
CVoter 111 71
NDTV 112 70
Sahara-CNX 110-120 65-75
Today’s Chanakya 135 47

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 Exit Polls

Aaj Tak-Axis exit polls gave 47-55 seats to the saffron party, 13-20 to the Congress and 0-2 to others. Among other exit surveys, the News X overview anticipated 42-50 seats for the BJP and 18-24 for the Congress.

Times Now-VMR and Zee News-Axis leave surveys anticipated indistinguishable count of 51 seats for the BJP in the 68-part Assembly. A party needs 35 seats for a basic greater part in the House. The Times Now-VMR survey gave 16 seats to the Congress and one to other, while the Zee News-Axis survey estimate 17 seats for the present ruling party.

CVoter anticipated 41 seats for BJP and 25 seats for Congress in Himachal.

India Today-Axis survey gave 51 seats to BJP and only 16 to Congress.

ABP News-CSDS exit survey gave 38 seats to the Saffron party while the Congress, it stated, will get 29 seats.

Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls 2017 [From Various Surveys]

HP Exit polls BJP Congress Others
Times Now 51 16 0
CVoter 41 25 2
India Today- Axis 51 16 1
ABP News 38 29 1

Exit Polls Proved Wrong in Himachal Pradesh Predictions 2012

Congress had come back to control in Himachal Pradesh in 2012 taking 36 seats, possibly more than the midway check, while the BJP secured 26. The others had packed away the staying six. The Congress was, however, wary about the expectations, with party representative Shobha Oza saying exit surveys have shown wrong in elections before and asserting it will rise successfully.

“I don’t know how much you trust the exit polls. We have seen exit polls in Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Punjab. All of them proved to be wrong. So, how much can one trust the exit polls?

“We will wait for the 18th for the real results. Let’s not take these exit polls too seriously. We have seen them go wrong in many states in the past,” Oza said.

“Definitely we are winning in Gujarat,” she said.

The BJP was confident about a landslide victory.

“We will register landslide victory. In UP, exit polls had said the BJP would win between 164 and 185 seats (out of 403), but we bagged 325. Exit polls are not exact polls. We are going to register landslide victory,” he asserted.

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