Government releases funding to ‘Polavaram’ at the climax

Polavaram Project: The recently announced budget for Andhra Pradesh in the parliament created a huge havoc by the Andhra Pradesh parliamentarians. The expectations of the central government benefits are not even any close to the expectations of the think-tanks of Andhra Pradesh. Amidst many debates at the state and central level, strains of friendship reached to the ultimate elastic levels. The major elements of the debates between Andhra Pradesh and the central government were – Liberal funding for ‘Polavaram Project’ and the other is the ‘Railway zone’ in Visakhapatnam. The fulcrum of parliament budget widened the rift in the friendship of BJP and TDP.

polavaram project

Government releases funding to ‘Polavaram’ at the climax

While the protests are still going on in Andhra Pradesh, just a few minutes ago the BJP has announced a funding to the tune of 417.44 crore rupees, an unusual incidence that has ever had happened in the history of parliament.

Andhra Pradesh people have observed one day protest against BJP’s stance on the above stated two issues. In wake of this miffed agitations, BJP announcing a minute budget which is so tiny that even TDP will not even ready to accept.

Some political experts are of the opinion that as the elections are imminent the BJP doesn’t want to show any favoritism to any state in the country until next budget season. However, many Agriculture-lobbyist groups are not supporting it as the long pending Polavaram project is the dream project of many farmers and this project should have been treated as a special category status to support farmers irrespective of political manifestos or political hostilities. It’s high time that the politicians learned a lesson or two from the unselfish yesteryears politicians as to how they completed “Nagarjuna Sagar” project keeping in mind the welfare of farmers and India an Agri-Centric country, joined their hands together irrespective of their political agendas and the visions and missions of various political parties and struggled in handing over brick by brick to complete such a magnanimous project. When can we get those days back again?

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