Getting Tatkal Passport Is Easier Now – Govt Removes Annexure F

The ministry of external affairs, with effect from 25th January 2018, has declared to scrap the ‘mandatory verification certificates’ from senior gazetted officers. This announcement is expected to increase the number of applicants who are seeking passports. This move will end the pestering the common man. An applicant needs to have only an Aadhaar number to be eligible for a ‘Tatkal Passport’ as per the new regulation.

Until this change has been made, a certificate by class – 1 officer, (Annexure F –  specimen verification certificate for the passport under Tatkal), was mandatory thus the applicants needed to face some harassment from some officers.

Getting Tatkal Passport Is Easier Now – Govt Removes Annexure F

 Getting Tatkal Passport Is Easier Now – Govt Removes Annexure F

Another good news is people who are living in far-away places can now book a time slot through online submission of their details. Until this move was made, passport applicants were served on ‘first-come-first-served’ process. The External Ministry seems to have taken the concerns of passport applicants into consideration and made the changes to ease the troubles they are facing. In the previous system, the RPO (Regional Passport Office) used to distribute 180 tokens per day. The new system enables the RPO to serve 250 applicants per day. The slot time will be informed to the applicant.

If an applicant is a minor (people below -18 years), the Aadhaar card supported by photo ID, Birth Certificate or Ration Card will be sufficient to apply for a passport.

It would take only one to three working days to get one’s passport from the time the applicant provides all the required details under this ‘Tatkal’ scheme. It is good to know that the first time applicants who apply through the normal mode will also be able to get their passports without paying any additional fee which is called, ‘Out-Of-Turn’ scheme if they submit all the documents as stated above. ‘Passport Seva Kendra’ will facilitate the applicants who require any service related passport.

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