Education in the US – Indian Students’ interest falls

Education in the US: The destination to go to the US for higher-education, until a decade ago was the most-sought-after dream for many students in India. The eternal fact is – nobody can challenge or question the quality of education imparted in America. Getting one Master’s degree in America is not a joke. That endeavor is still seen as sitting under a sharp-dangling sword. And having financial-cushion to go to the US has been another complex situation for many candidates from middle-class families. It used to be a far-reaching dream even for the brilliant students as education is a costly affair in the US.


Education in the US – Indian Students’ interest falls

International students in the US pay per course far more than what their peers would pay in the US (American Students). Some Indian students who were capable enough to get ‘Assistantship’ (Scholarship) or some fortunate flock of students who has enough support in America used to consider going to America for higher education.

Interestingly, this trend is taking a ‘U’-turn now. Getting an admission in a good school in those days was a dream come true for many students. But now even after securing good scores in ‘TOEFL’ (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and ‘GRE’ (Graduate Record Examination) and having been given admission, many students in India are avered to go to the US.

What have been the reasons causing this situation?

The foremost reason is going back to square one again – Donald Trump’s Visa regulations. A research study has proven that there has been a drastic down-fall in international students opting to go to the US owing to Donald Trump’s wavering Visa regulations.

During the year 2016 -2017, the percentage of international students going to the US has come down to 21%. One must understand this trend is a great loss to the US economy as the international students pay 3 to 4 times more than an American student. Here we are taking the least side example. The fee varies tremendously from one university to another.

The lowest number of students wanting to pursue higher education in the US had been recorded last year; the number that had never been recorded ever before.

Needless to say, the kind of shivers Trump sent amongst the H-1B visa holders was the major reason.

Surprisingly, in addition to it, the research done by ‘National Foundation for America Policy’ (NFAP) disclosed that Narendra Modi’s demonetization policy has also affected this issue. The truncation of higher denomination currency notes or to deposit huge amount in one’s own bank has shown a drastic impact in this matter.

Economic and financial advisors from both countries are to be blamed for having provided ‘equivocal’ suggestions to their government machinery.

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