Driving Licenses to link to Aadhaar cards, Says SC

Driving Licenses to link to Aadhaar cards: The citizens of India should not blame the UIDAI agency or the government for bringing changes as they are going on now. It’s not surprising to see at least one new amendment on Aadhaar card every day. Let’s feel happy we are on the right go. Comparing Aadhaar system with Social Security Number is not wise. India, being the second populous country, all regulations cannot be put in a right place overnight. An educated citizen must feel happy that an agency like UIDAI is working hard and making changes rapidly to tighten the screws. Let’s feel happy about it. We are reaching the destination soon and will come up with an ultimate Aadhaar system without any flaws.

Driving Licenses to link to Aadhaar cards, Says SC

Driving Licenses to link to Aadhaar cards, Says SC

As per the new announcement made today, UIDAI has announced that from now on all ‘Driving Licenses’ will be linked to Aadhaar cards to help eliminate all fake Aadhaar cards. In wake of this UIDAI is its own unique software. The agency has decided to implement this new rule simultaneously in all states of India. In its quick move, UIDAI has brisk gesture had already obtained permission from the Supreme Court.

This new system works as a double-edged sword. One is to identify duplicate Aadhaar cards and second is to identify the duplicate licenses. The objective of today’s decision works in a hand in a glove.

Answering to the authentication of Aadhaar cards, the highest court is in favor of providing a free hand to the ‘’Road Transportation’ authorities to help prevent road accidents especially on high – ways to catch hold of drivers with fraudulent licenses.

This system is almost comparable to the US licensing system which watches the driver’s license and the social security card of the driver that keeps track of all road violations made anywhere in the nation by the driver on a point basis. When one crosses 11 or 12 points the license of the gets revoked. The more accidents a driver makes – the more the insurance premium one would pay. India is on its way to implement this system. Good going for sure.

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