Doug Jones Massive Victory in Alabama Elections 2018

Doug Jones Massive Victory in Alabama Elections 2018 : Dispirited and disregarded news of a nail on the head of Donald Trump, when he woke up on the wrong side of his bed to know that the Republican senator Roy Moore lost his election is being seen as the first step to the fall of Trump regime in the United States in near future. It had been a historic victory for Republicans Doug Jones for the last 25 years. But the astonishing triumph by Democrat Doug Jones in one of the nation’s most conservative states victory does not only give a wrong signal of Trump’s political acumen but also defied political gravity is beginning, finally, to run out of steam. This is a big blow and the faceoff to Republicans in the USA, especially for Donald Trump.

Doug Jones Massive Victory in Alabama Elections 2018 

Doug Jones Massive Victory in Alabama Elections 2018

Doug Jones, who won the senatorship in Alabama State stays in the history of America forever as who won it dethroning Republicans and conquered the position the state which has been a bastion for Republicans for decades. Interestingly, he is the first Democrat who proved himself over Republicans.

While the Democratic candidate Doug Jones gained 49.92% and his Republican opponent lost his candidature at a margin of 48.38%. Since the beginning of election campaigning, Trump played his own self-Trumpet and overconfidently supported Moore for he thought that would be a cakewalk victory for Republicans.

The fate turned around. The result recommended that in the right circumstances with an engaged base vote, especially with African-Americans showing up in larger-than-expected numbers, Democrats could punch a hole in the Trump coalition of rural, working-class voters.

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The Alabama special election also came at an extraordinary moment in American political life — with allegations against Moore coinciding with an awakening over sexual harassment against women in politics. The coterie of Republicans showed their backs to Moore. Only Donald Trump stayed put and supported Moore until the last moment through Twitter and public meetings. But all his efforts went futile and left them disgraced behind. The entire world is watching and laughing at Republicans. Surprisingly people say the festive season has already been started, stating Christmas around the corner. The number of parliamentarians consisting of 100 members now stoops down to 51 and Democratic Party opponents’ number has escalated to 49. It means that the Trump can start digging his own grave leaving the thought of thinking building his dream Mexico-wall behind him.



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