Do You Remember ‘I Love You Rasna?’- Check Refreshing Rasna Story!

Rasna entered the Indian market in the 80s, a time when sodas like Limca and Thumps Up had already penetrated the Indian soft drink market. But those drinks were ware not specifically for children. Before globalization, just a few soft drink companies such as like Gold spot, Thumps Up and Limca were known to 1980s kids. They were expensive for the middle class and lower-middle-class people.  It is still a known fact that 5to 6 kids used to share one drink per year. Those kids used to make their experience of drinking that carbonated soda – a talk of the town for one full year.


Do You Remember ‘I Love You Rasna?’- Check Refreshing Rasna Story!

Then the God – sent Rasna was launched by the Khambattas in Gujarat. The ‘I Love You, Rasna’ campaign was targeted at both children and parents and highlighted how 32 glasses could be made from one pack. People of yesteryears got excited. One sachet was priced at 5 rupees. Ankita Jhaveri, the Rasna girl later became the actress in South India. With overconfidence, the number of sachets was manufactured at an unbelievable count, widely advertised in Television channel (the only channel – Doordarshan existing those days). Rasna cute girl was seen holding a glass bottle image was eye -captivating and turned mouthwatering in the entire nation. Hoardings stood up, newspapers published and the Ad was just ubiquitous wherever possible.

Rasna girl

Then a never perceived problem popped up. People started looking at the cute little girl holding the bottle of glass as though a girl was drinking alcohol like ‘wine’ or ‘whisky’. Then the problem got irreversible. Product made. Advertising was done. Parents never wanted to show that Ad to their children. Entire Rasna project went down the drain. In a layman’s jargon, Rasna had had many hiccups during its crawling stage. It had become an imbroglio – a problem that never could find any solution.  Many brainstorming sessions took place with top-notch marketing agencies. No solution was brought out.

Finally, the untangled problem was handed over to the reputed ‘Mudra Marketing Agencies’. With just one-hour team discussion, the solution was unveiled.  Mudra recommended Rasna to put a drink “STRAW” in the bottle or glass, in Rasna Ads, the brand ambassador – Ankita was holding in her hands. Problem solved. Parents now started perceiving that alcoholics never use ‘straw’ to drink alcohol.

Rasna, overnight, gained its popularity and in just one-month tenure, Rasna had a 93% market share in the soft drink concentrate market in India. One simple idea of Mudra Agency helped to create the history of Rasna in Indian soft drink market.


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