Coco-Cola Thums Up Hitting the Target of $ 100 Cr Club

Coco-Cola Thums Up Hitting the Target of $ 100 Cr Club: Coca-Cola India is pushing itself and trying to create its market niche’ in Indian soft drink market to reach a 100-crore dollar club during next two years. As a part of its marketing strategy Thums up is sketching its brand better and being working on it to come up with many attractive flavors. During this process, the soft drink giant had already made available to its consumers the foremost variant with a fresh name ‘Thums up Chartered.’

Coco-Cola Thums Up Hitting the Target of $ 100 Cr Club

Coco-Cola Thums Up Hitting the Target of $ 100 Cr Club

This new drink is available in 7 different packs – 180ml can, 200ml can, 300ml can, 330ml can, 250ml pet bottle, 400ml pet bottle, and 500ml pet bottle. The 40-year-old soft drink manufacturer, which has gained the favor of soda-lovers, is believed to reach “The Hundred Crore Rupee Club” within two years from now.

Vijay Parashuraman, the vice-president of South West Asia Coca-Cola perceived to introduce the indigenous soft drink namely ‘Thums up Chartered’ to help reach ‘One Hundred Crore Dollar club’ in the market to pick up the pace to reach the goal. He declared the present value of the brand is 5000 crore rupees (77 crore Dollars).

Coca-Cola has affirmed that by the year 2020 it is going to invest very heavily in Thumps Up to facilitate its sales growth in Indian market. Its team is working along with bottle makers, introducing innovative of packs, extending its market network with the help of market distributors, improving its quality standards.

Maaza and Limca also have that strength and craze in the Indian soft drink market. Thums Up is not unaware of the fact that Maaza and Limca also have the equivalent influence to meet the immense market potential. But Thums Up official have opined that it takes five years for Maaza to catch the level of Thumps Up.

Thums Up Chartered which had already been made available in some markets, believed to have been within the reach of its consumers nationwide by the 2 nd week of December this year.

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