Cinema Theatres Bandh Till 8th March- Digital Providers ‘Stiff’ Continues

Cinema Theatres Bandh: Never in the history of ‘Movie Theatres’ – we never found them looking entirely empty. But the first time ever all ‘Tollywood’ theatres are looking depressive and showing a drained look. This provocation is in the wake of a war between ‘Digital (service) Providers and Movie Producers’.

Movie Producers strike

Cinema Theatres Bandh Till 8th March- Digital Providers ‘Stiff’ Continues

Since 2nd of March, movie theatres are on strike and closed their shutters. Due to movie tickets got costlier and have become affordable to middle and upper-middle-class people – going to a movie along with a family like generations has become a nightmare for this generation.

What has had made this reason to take place?

Watching a movie with a family of 5 to 6 members within the limits of their monthly – earnings in the past was a moment of pleasure. Watching a movie was the only means of enjoyment up to 75% of the Indian population as per the data consistently has been quoting by the Indian Statistical Study Institute since decades.

‘Outing’ made a family or people – to get together, per se` – going to movies was the most – enticing activity Indians have been enjoying the most. Technology in India has changed, the average income of people has significantly increased and standard of living has changed. Many changes took place. There has been a vast difference between the past ‘India’ and the present ‘India.’

Going to a movie now, with an average number of 5 people (We use ‘FIVE’ in Indian Statistical Institute relevant to movies to observe the trends)

Last one-year statistical revelations have proved that to go to a movie with a family of ‘5’ a member empties, the wallets of a prime earner of a family.

Virtual Print Fee (VPF):

The initial perception of ‘Virtual Print Fees’ (or VPFs) has been structured to cover the costs of conversion and running a movie in theatres which was a well-acclaimed idea among producers of movies when it takes came in the table of discussion in India. Unfortunately – it went other around. Since ‘Digital Technology’ is still in its crawling stage the project proved futile. The already staged idea could not be unturned. Today, many miffed discussions took place.

theatres bandh press meet

‘VPF’ in their economic limits gave their consent to contain (reduce) their ‘VPF’ charges to the extent of 16%. This proposal has been thrown outright unanimously by movie producers and distributors. Both parties could not come to a consensus. Having the discussions have been failed, movie producers made their stance clear that all theatres in both Telugu-Speaking states, a total of 1700 theatre will remain closed until 8th of March. A well-known fact is Mr. ‘Daggubati Suresh Babu’ is representing the teams of producers and distributors. It is hard to guess how long the stalemate continues to reopen the movie theatres.

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