Cheer Leaders Dance for Padmaavat Ghoomar Song in NBA Match

Cheer Leaders Dance for Ghoomar Song in NBA: While “Padmaavat” is still mired in some parts of India, Deepika Padukone’s song, first time ever in NBA history is making cheerleaders shake their legs in the US. A team of dancers chose Deepika Padukone’s Ghoomar song from “Padmaavat” at a National Basketball Association (NBA) match that took place between Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat on January 28 in the USA. Ghoomar song has become a favorite song and particularly in the US, and this song is being practiced and performed in many places abroad.  Ghoomar song which was grooved in ‘Rajasthani’ dance-style, gaining a lot of popularity in the US and people spectators are enjoying this song with full josh, whistling and clapping. It has reached to such an extent that many spectators are going to watch the game on a pretext to watch this song. In many places ‘Ghoomar’ song has attained a cynosure – state in the game.

deepika-padukone-Ghoomar song in USA NBA

Cheer Leaders Dance for Padmaavat Ghoomar Song in NBA Match

Having heard the response of the audience abroad, the jubilant Sanjay Leela Bhansali told in an interview

“It is just an answer to the anguish that we all went through including me, the actors and the technicians. All of us were not being heard even after repeatedly saying that there is nothing wrong in the film. I realized that the best way of going ahead and fighting this is to make the film that is in my mind.”

Despite gaining such a pop-prominence in many countries, this song is being still caught in controversies in India as some fringe groups feel that ‘Padmaavat’ movie and the songs choreographed in it are hurting the sentiments of their cult. But in the US ‘Ghoomar’ song is making waves and has become highly popular, comparable to Michael Jackson’s dances and lyrics. While ‘Padmaavat’ movie amidst tight security is being played in India and slowly crawling into the hearts of Indian cinema-lovers, already captured the attention of many people abroad.

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Cheer Leaders Dance for Deepika Padukone’s Ghoomer Song in NBA [Video]

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