‘Chandrababu Naidu’ Never Had This Addiction Before, Says Undavalli

‘Chandrababu Naidu’ Never Had This Addiction Before, Says Undavalli: As per the speeches made by the politicians in the assembly, their speeches are recorded in ‘Minutes’ books. Undavalli Arun Kumar, a former M.P elected to 14ᵗʰ Lok Sabha and 15ᵗʰ Lok Sabha from Rajahmundry Constituency of Andhra Pradesh made a very strange comment on Chandra Babu Naidu which made even Chandra Babu Naidu burst into laughter.

The minutes mentioned in the records of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Undavalli found a new Chandrababu Naidu who is playing his ‘Own Self-Trumpet’ more than ever before amidst his other juniors and seniors. It expressed the grace of Undavalli the brilliant Chandrababu Naidu never needed to talk about the laudable projects he undertook and successfully completed.

‘Chandrababu Naidu’ Never Had This Addiction Before, Says Undavalli

‘Chandrababu Naidu’ Never Had This Addiction Before, Says Undavalli

Undavalli Arun Kumar, a lawyer by profession who stole the hearts of many people in Rajahmundry has a record winning victory. His constituency people and politicians can never deny the service he provided to the people of his constituency. (No wonder he was handpicked by Pawan Kalyan and included him in ‘JFC.’ Known for his eloquence and brilliance, he gets to the point quickly.

Very strangely, recently he made a comment on Chandrababu Naidu saying that both Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh are not that strong in their communication skills. Talking about own self-represents ‘Egotism. ’ Chandrababu Naidu who never needed to play his own self-trumpet now is spending most of the valuable time of the Legislative Assembly, bragging about himself for there is nobody else available to speak about his successes that much.

Undavalli never minced his words to say – YSRCP Jagan Mohan Reddy is far better in conveying his points with clarity, unlike Chandrababu Naidu whose voice is always monotonous. Every syllable of Chandrababu Naidu’s speech and sound has become boring and ambiguous unlike his excellent and brilliant speeches before.

Undavalli pointed out the redundancy Chandrababu Naidu has gotten into of late is uncalled for. His list of redundancy was handed over to him from Undavalli’s office primarily – the boasting of his own seniority in politics, Satya Nadella, Cyberabad, IT industry and the list goes on. Naidu came into politics in 1978. But there were innumerable politicians in Legislative Assemblies and the parliament even before his entry into politics.

In a unique short meeting, a discussion took place between Undavalli and Chandrababu Naidu – Undavalli advised Naidu that one should praise the other for the work one has done than boasting oneself (Not a good habit –Undavalli mentioned). The gentleman Undavalli gave his consensus to Naidu doesn’t require all this as his gigantic projects Chandrababu Naidu completed a stay in the history of India forever.

This entire context took place as Chandrababu Naidu put a lot of pressure on his –TDP MLAs and MPs and conducted many training programs to help improve languages skills of his team in those days.

Chandrababu Naidu’s passionate interest in language skills made Undavalli – Naidu very receptive and Naidu sought some more suggestions from Undavalli. A unique incidence that took place recently we can never find between political rivals. All politicians must learn their lessons from both top brass politicians. The entire conversation went on a lighter vein beyond political grounds and nobody got offended. Nice people. Worthy discussion.

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