Anu Emmanuel Says ‘Standing Next To Pawan Kalyan is A Blessing’

Anu Emmanuel is presently roped to play a key role in Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film PSPK25. Recently, she had appeared in Majnu movie beside actor Nani and attracted the audience with her mesmerizing action. Simultaneously, she had acted in a film titled ‘Oxygen’ beside Gopi Chand as well. The film is not yet released and as per makers perspective, the film is going to be released soon.  Now she is heading towards Europe for a shoot with Pawan Kalyan. On this event, she has expressed her happiness and said acting with Pawan is a blessing.

Anu Emmanuel Says ‘Standing Next To Pawan Kalyan is A Blessing’

About Oxygen movie release Anu has said that “I don’t feel bad about the delay in the film’s release because two of my other films are already out and I have got other offers too. If I hadn’t received any offers, I may have been upset about the delay,”.

Revealing that she will be playing a doctor in Oxygen, Anu says, “I am lucky that I got an opportunity to act opposite Gopichand in my debut film.” She further says.

Anu Emmanuel Says ‘Standing Next To Pawan Kalyan is A Blessing’

Anu Emmanuel is now busy with the hand full of offers. She is feeling exceptionally lucky to act in PK’s 25th film.

 “I still remember how much I struggled to speak my first word, Mamayya in my debut film. But I now I can understand the language well.” And now that the American girl is working in Hyderabad, she’s planning to buy a house in the city. “Yes, I am spending most of the time with Telugu films and I am planning to settle down here,” she says.

Anu also adds that she wants to focus more on the Telugu film industry for now. “I like the people here. I am more comfortable here and it’s better than the Malayalam film industry. I am also getting the best offers here,” she says.

Anu has especially expressed her happiness about acting with Pawan Kalyan. She felt happy to get the offer with Pawan Kalyan in the starting of her career. She is also hoping to act with all other big heroes of the Industry.

“I was really scared on the first day of my shoot with Pawan sir. It was a romantic scene and I was prepared for all my lines, but once I saw him, I forgot all my lines. He is a cool person and jokes a lot,” she says. Anu also believes that she is lucky to have bagged this film early in her career. “Standing next to Pawan is a blessing for me,” the Majnu stars adds. Anu has also signed another film opposite Naga Chaitanya. “After I wrap up the Telugu projects, I am planning to sign a Malayalam film too.”

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