16th USA President Abraham Lincoln’s Inspirational Life Story

Abraham Lincoln’s Inspirational Life Story: Born into poverty, a lean man with below average appearance, faced many defeats throughout his life. He was forced out of his hometown as his family belonged to African American-enslaved. And he had to move out of his hometown work hard to support his family. He lost his mother at his tender age. Tried his fate in a business and burnt his fingers and it took him 17 years to pay off his debts. He got engaged to get married to his sweetheart and she died even before they got married. He suffered a nervous breakdown and bedridden for six months. After getting recovered he set up another business and broke. As fate had it, despite working with sincerity owing to racial discrimination he got fired in all his jobs wherever he worked. Even from petty jobs, he had worked. Then he tried his luck in politics and lost eight elections. Just the only one success he had ever gotten in his entire life was “The President of the United States”

Guess who! He was “Abraham Lincoln”, the first African American president of the USA. Then he was ‘the president-elect’; not assumed his office yet.

16th USA President Abraham Lincoln's Inspirational Life Story

16th USA President Abraham Lincoln’s Inspirational Life Story

He began his inaugural journey from Illinois to Washington, D.C. by train. The trip took him through New York State, where thousands gathered to meet the president-elect.

On reaching a small town Westfield, New York, he made the train stop there for some time and requested his official machinery to go find bring an eleven-year-old girl by name Miss Grace Bedell’ who wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln suggesting him to have a facelift. She advised him to grow the beard to cover his skinny chin and cheeks before starting his election campaigning. Nevertheless, Lincoln was too feared to have a change in his habits were too fixed. However, he dared to grow his beard and went into election campaigning. Surprisingly, Lincoln’s new appearance appealed the millions. He won the election and was nominated the President-elect.

There was a momentary commotion, an old man leading his eleven-year-old daughter, whom he introduced to Mr. Lincoln as his Westfield correspondent. Mr. Lincoln leaned down and kissed the child, and talked to her for some minutes. He thanked her for her advice. Just that one letter of a little girl designed the destiny of a man who could not get even a single achievement in his life became instrumental in getting him to the vertex of success in the life of Abraham Lincoln’s life!

Bedell recalled the event years later: “Endowed with modesty Ab Lincoln got down the train and sat down with me on the edge of the station platform,” she recollected. ‘Gracie, look at my whiskers Lincoln said, I have been growing them for you.’ Then he kissed me.

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